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Shigar Fort

Shigar Fort

Shigar Fort is built upon a massive boulder and is 400 years old. It is locally known as Fongkhar, "Palace on the Rock". Shigar Fort is at the foot of a steep rock formation, on top of which lie the ruins of the original Fort. It was the former royal residence of the Rajas of Shigar.

Below the AKTC-restored Lahore Fort’s top surface are secrets of our past 2022-06-26

The restoration of the Shah Burj Gate, located in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Lahore Fort

We like to describe the Lahore Fort as one of our finest historical monuments, for within it are contained several other unique monuments and structures. Amazing stories are attached to each aspect of its history. But then is this the complete story.

President felicitates His Highness Agha Khan on 65th anniversary of his accession to leadership of Ismaili community 2022-06-30

Aga Khan IV

President Dr Arif Alvi has felicitated spiritual leader of Ismaili community, His Highness Agha Khan on completion of his 65 years of leadership of the community.

In a letter addressed to the Agha Khan, the President said under his visionary leadership, the Aga Khan Development Network is playing an important role in the socio-economic development of Pakistan, which had established an unparalleled legacy of public service and philanthropy.

He said the people of Pakistan thank Agha Khan for his efforts for social welfare of downtrodden segments of society.

Opening ceremony of higher secondary school held 2022-06-23

Aga Khan School, Mastuj, was established in 1987
pakobserver.net Pakistan Observer

Higher Secondary school Groundbreaking ceremony was held at Buzund at Torkho area by Aga Khan Education Services for Pakistan (AKESP).

Earlier ground breaking ceremonies were held for two School, Booni, and, Mastuj in district upper Chitral. The expansion will increase access to quality education and extend the school from high to higher secondary, moving (AKESP) towards its goal of providing seamless transition to students from Kindergarten to 12th Grade (K-12).

Work on three school buildings of AKES begins 2022-06-20


CHITRAL: Groundbreaking ceremonies were held for three new state-of-the-art buildings being added to the Aga Khan Schools in Booni, Mastuj and Torkhow in Upper Chitral.

Aga Khan Council for Pakistan President Hafiz Sher Ali presided over the ceremonies as the chief guest while Wing Commander Chitral Scout Colonel Shahzad Nadeem was the guest of honour at Mastuj and Rai Afzal Ali was the guest of honour at Booni.

Swiss Ambassador to Pakistan and Afghanistan visits AKU 2022-06-10

Ambassador Cerjat receives a copy of 'The Economic Impact of the Aga Khan University in Pakistan' from AKU President Dr Sulaiman

The Swiss Ambassador to Pakistan and Afghanistan Bénédict de Cerjat visited the academic and health care facilities at the Aga Khan University in Karachi.

During the conversations with AKU President Dr Sulaiman Shahabuddin and other University leaders, he talked about Switzerland’s strong bilateral relationships with Pakistan.

“I am pleased to learn that the Aga Khan University’s programmes and facilities are accredited by prestigious international bodies like Advance HE, Joint Commission International, and the College of American Pathologists,” said Ambassador Cerjat.

Trees to filter wastewater in Hunza 2022-06-08

AKDN has planted over 100 million trees in the past 50 years, building “green infrastructure” to help improve the quality of lif

In Murtazabad, a mountain village in Hunza, Pakistan, the Aga Khan Agency for Habitat (AKAH) has introduced a system that uses trees to safely and sustainably treat wastewater. AKAH, together with the local community, planted thousands of trees and aquatic plants to filter treated wastewater, limiting the release of effluent into the Hunza River. This “green infrastructure” helps improve access to sustainable, clean sanitation while also restoring the natural ecosystem.

Jubilee Life wins two digital awards 2022-06-08

Jubilee Insurance Pakistan

KARACHI: Jubilee Life Insurance has won two awards in Pakistan Digital Awards Ceremony 2022, The News learnt on Tuesday.

The life insurance company bagged ‘Best Integrated Media Strategy’ award for its campaign for HBL PSL Season 6 and ‘Best Content of the Year’ award for its customer testimonial videos.

This is the fourth time in a row that the company has won awards at Pakistan Digital Awards forum that recognises brands for their unique and out-of-the-box ideas.

AKU to be first institution to become carbon neutral by 2030 2022-06-06

Aga Khan University, Karachi

KARACHI: Cutting down on use of anaesthetic gases that are used to keep the patients unconscious during surgery by 80 percent along with decarbonising processes and buildings, investing in clean energy, telemedicine and home healthcare are some of the major steps that can help Aga Khan University (AKU) to be the first institution of higher education in East Africa and Pakistan to become carbon neutral by 2030, officials said Saturday.

AKU wins award of excellence for disruptive education 2022-05-17

AKU wins Zairi Award.jpeg
pakobserver.net Pakistan Observer

The Aga Khan University (AKU) has won the Award of Excellence for Disruptive Education of the prestigious and competitive Zairi International Award in Higher Education, 2022.

Thirtyone countries participated at the MENA Higher Education Leadership Forum in Dubai, UAE and thehonour to their organization has been received by Prof. Tashmin Khamis and Ms. Azra Naseem.

Undated photo of Hazar Imam and Prince Amyn Mohammed

Undated photo of Hazar Imam and Prince Amyn Mohammed

"Namdar Prince Aly Khan na lakhnejigar"
Namdar Sahebzada Prince Karim Saheb and Namdar Prince Amyn Mohammed Saheb

Remarks by Princess Zahra interview at State Bank of Pakistan Event - Banking on Equality 2020-12-20

State Bank of Pakistan Gender Equality Webinar held December 20, 2020

Princess Zahra - Zoom Interview/ remarks
December 21, 20201

PRINCESS ZAHRA AGA KHAN attended Monday 21st December 2020 on the State Bank of Pakistan Gender Equality Webinar.

Princess Zahra was interviewed by the moderator Dr. Amita Zaidi - President of Gender Equality, Bill and Belinda Gates Foundation

AKU feted as Zairi International Award winner 2022-03-23

AKU feted as Zairi International Award winner

The Aga Khan University has won the inaugural edition of the Award of Excellence for Disruptive Education, of the prestigious and competitive Zairi International Award in Higher Education 2022.

AKU received the award based on the work of the University's Network of Quality, Teaching and Learning, QTL_net, which supports excellence in academic programmes to ensure students have a strong learning experience during their academic years.

Speech by His Highness The Aga Khan at the Karachi Rotary Club 1964-12-05

His Highness The Aga Khan IV
The Guiding Lines, National Development Publications, Karachi, Pakistan, pp. 25-29

You have said, Mr. President, some very kind words about my late Grandfather, my late Father and myself. My Grandfather was a most gifted person, and amongst his many qualities, one of them had always particularly impressed me. While the past was a book which he had read and re-read many times, the future was just one more literary work of art into which he used to pour himself with deep thought and concentration. Innumerable people since his death have told me how he used to read in the future, and this certainly was one of his very great strengths.

Speech by Prince Rahim Aga Khan at the Climate Change Conference Pakistan 2022-03-07

Prince Rahim Aga Khan addressed the conference remotely

Senator Javed Jabbar
Dr. Jeffrey Sachs
Chief Guest Mr. Zakir Mahmood - Chairman, AKU Board of Trustees
President Sulaiman Shahabuddin,
Provost and Vice-President, Academic, Dr. Carl Amrhein,
Distinguished University Professor Dr. Zulfiqar Bhutta
Guests and colleagues
As-salamu alaikum and good evening

VIDEO: http://ismaili.net/timeline/2022/2022-03-07-prince-rahim.mp4

Challenges of climate change, health, and nutrition in Pakistan 2022-03-07

Prince Rahim Aga Khan addressed the conference remotely

Climate change and extreme weather events are contributing to a wide range of health and food security risks around the world. These threats are particularly severe in low- and middle-income countries like Pakistan that are often the least able to respond. This calls for urgent and proactive actions to meet the many challenges posed by climate change whilst achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 in Pakistan.

Opening Ceremony of the Prince Aly Boys' Academy, Karachi 1970-02-08

Hazar Imam accompanied by Begum Salimah performing the Opening Ceremony of the Prince Aly Boys' Academy, Karachi
Ismaili Mirror 1973

During His 1970 visit to Pakistan Hazar Imam performed the opening ceremony of the Prince Aly Boys' Academy in Karachi, Pakistan.

The work on establishing the Prince Aly Boys' Academy started in 1960 by Ismaili volunteers of the Ismailia Youth Services (I.Y.S) on the same pattern as the Mohammadi Girls' Academy .

Speech extracts during the laying of the foundation stone of the Prince Aly Boys Academy, Pakistan 1964-12-12

Prince Aly Boys' Academy, Pakistan
Ismaili Mirror 1973

Extract of speech by Hazar Imam during the foundation stone laying ceremony of the Prince Aly Boys Academy in Karachi, Pakistan:

Let Me say to begin with, how proud I have been to visit the Girls' Academy and to see that what had been my hope and prayer four years ago has actually been realized. Not only is the Academy in a magnificent state of upkeep, but the children look very happy indeed.

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