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Ismailis in Russia, Ivanow, Prof. W. , Issue No.5, (Submitted)
My First Meeting With the Ismailis in Persia, Ivanow, Prof. W. , (Submitted)
Adam et la Pierre Blanche, Nargis Mawjee , 04/2023, Volume 21, p.29, (2023) Abstract
From Aga Khan I to Aga Khan II: The legacy of two visionary Imams, Nargis Mawjee , Volume 34, Montréal, p.1/16, (2023) Abstract
La vrai signification du Jeune et du Dasond dans l'Ismaelisme, Nargis Mawjee , Volume 10, (2023) Abstract
PIR HASAN KABIRDIN The Saviour of countless souls, Nargis Mawjee , Volume 12, p.15, (2023)
True Meaning of Dasond and Roza explained by Imams and Ginans, Nargis Mawjee , Volume 23, p.33 pages, (2023) Abstract
Aly Khan, A Prince With A Golden Heart, Mawjee, Nargis , 12/2022, p.11, (2022) Abstract
Evolution and re-evaluation of the Ismaili Du’a following the Declaration of the Great Resurrection in Alamut., Nagib Tajdin , p.33 pages, (2021)
The Fatimid Caliphate Diversity of Traditions, Daftary, Farhad; Jiwa, Shainool , 2020, (2020)
The Turkic Dynasties of Ghaznavids and Seljuqs role in Consolidating a Sunni Identity, Donmez, Adile Sedef , 2020, (2020) Abstract
47th Pir Prince Shâhbûddin Shâh Aga Khan explains the True Meaning of Religion ‘Risala dar Haqiqat-i Din’- A Summary with Pictures , Nargis Mawjee , 01/2020, Volume 7, p.30, (2020) Abstract
Le 47e Pir Prince Shâhbûddin Shâh Aga Khan explique le  Vrai Sens de la Religion ‘Risâlâ dar Haqiqat-i Din’- Un Résumé avec Images et longs extraits traduits, Nargis Mawjee , 01/2020, Volume 6, p.30, (2020) Abstract
Essence and Spirit of Ismaili Islam - with illustration, Nargis Mawjee , p.58, (2020)    Download:  mawjee-nargis-essence-and-spirit.pdf 
Alamūt, Ismailism and Khwājah Qāsim Tushtarī’s Recognizing God, Virani, Shafique N. , 2018, Issue No 1-2 , p.193-227, (2018)
Beyond the Qur’ān: Early Ismaʿīlī Taʾwīl and the Secrets of the Prophets, Andani, Khalil , 2018, (2018)    Download:  Review_Beyond_the_Quran_Early_Ismaili_T.pdf 
Shii Studies Review 2, Shafique N. Virani , (2018) Abstract    Download:  Alamut_Ismailism_and_Khwajah_Qasim_Tusht.pdf  38597_Princess_Zahra_speaking_at_the_Dinner_for_Donors_of_the_AKU__2023_11_30.jpg  38597_Princess_Zahra_speaking_at_the_Dinner_for_Donors_of_the_AKU__2023_11_30.flv 
A History of Syncretism of the Khoja Muslim Community, Ranjan, Amit , 2017, Volume 4: 1-2, Issue March-June, p.53-65, (2017) Abstract
Has Kalki Already Appeared as ʿAlī? The Influence of Hindu Beliefs on the Nizārī Ismaili Khojas, KUTLUTURK, Cemil , 2017, Volume Vol X, Issue No. 1, (2017)
ISLAMISATION ON THE IRANIAN PERIPHERY: NASIR-I KHUSRAW AND ISMAILISM IN BADAKHSHAN, Behen,Daniel , 2017, (2017)    Download:  Islamisation_on_the_Iranian_Periphery_N.pdf 
The Genealogy of the Imams since Creation based on the Ghat Pat-ni Dua written by Pir Sadardin (1300-1400 AD), Nargis Mawjee , 07/2017, Volume 1, p.Vol1-192 pages, (2017) Abstract    Download:  Nargis-Mawjee-Asal-Dua-Genealogy-book2.pdf 
A teaching and learning guide for: “A survey of Ismaili studies Part 1” and “A survey of Ismaili studies Part 2”, Andani,Khalil , 2016, (2016)
English and the transnational Ismaili Muslim community: Identity, the Aga Khan, and infrastructure, Bolander, Brook , 2016, p.583-604, (2016)
DE LA HIÉROHISTOIRE Portrait de Henry Corbin, Daniel Proulx , (2016) Abstract    Download:  De_la_hie_rohistoire_Portrait_de_Henry_C.pdf 
The origins, evolution and decline of the Khojki script, Bruce, Juan , 2015, (2015)
1 ISMAILI PIRS, VAKILS & SAYEDS OF SOUTH ASIAN REGIONS , Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz Ali , Mumbai, p.94, (2015) Abstract    Download:  Ismaili Pirs, Vakils & Sayeds of South Asian Regions.pdf 
Negotiating the Racial Boundaries of Khōjā Caste Membership in Late Nineteenth-Century Colonial Zanzibar (1878–1899), Akhtar, Iqbal , 2014, (2014) Abstract    Download:  Negotiating_the_Racial_Boundaries_of_Kho.pdf 
Addenda to Secondary Sources in Ismāʿīlī Studies: The Case of the Omissions, JIWA, NAWAZALI A. , 2013, Issue Number 86, p.20-100, (2013)
Ishraq, Fârès Gillon , (2013) Abstract    Download:  Apercus_sur_les_origines_de_lismaelisme.pdf 
Historical Dictionary of the Ismailis, Daftary, Farhad. , 2012, p.275, (2012)
A Modern History of the Ismailis Continuity and Change in a Muslim Community, Daftary, Farhad; Karim, Karim H. , 2011, (2011)
Taqiyya and Identity in a South Asian Community, VIRANI, SHAFIQUE N. , 2011, (2011)    Download:  Taqiyya_and_Identity_in_a_South_Asian_Co.pdf 
From Satpanthi to Ismaili Muslim: The Articulation of Ismaili Khoja Identity in South Asia, Ali S. Asani , 2010, (2011) Abstract    Download:  2010-Asani-Khoja-Identiity-in-Modern-History-of-Ismailis.pdf 
A Comparison of the Refugee Resettlement of Ugandan Ismaili Muslims and Cambodian Theravada Buddhists in Canada, Cummins, Alyshea , 2010, (2010) Abstract
A Comparison of the Refugee Resettlement of Ugandan Ismaili Muslims and Cambodian Theravada Buddhists in Canada, Cummins, Alyshea , 2010, (2010)    Download:  A_Comparison_of_the_Refugee_Resettlement.pdf 
The Entanglement of the Ginans in Khoja Governance, Shodhan, Amrita , 2007, (2007)    Download:  The_entanglement_of_the_Ginan_in_Khoja_g.doc  The_entanglement_of_the_Ginan_in_Khoja_g.doc 
Isma‘ili Da‘wa and Politics in Fatimid Egypt, Mahamid, Hatim , 2006, (2006)    Download:  Ismaili_Dawa_and_Politics_in_Fatimid_Egy.pdf 
The Ismaili "Ginan" Tradition from the Indian Subcontinent, Gillani, Karim , 2004, (2004)
Jerruk and the Ismailis, Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz-Ali , (1999)
A Short History of the Ismailis Traditions of a Muslim Community, Daftary, Farhad , 1998, (1998)    Download:  Reading_Guide_A_Short_History_of_the_Ism.pdf 
Avichal Allah, Avichal Khalaq, Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz Ali , (1993) Abstract    Download:  Avichal Allah Avichal Khalaq by Mumtaz Ali Tajddin.pdf 
Observation and Comments on our Modern Ginanic Literature 1979-02-25, ismailia-Association , p.Part 1, (1980) Abstract
Circulars of The Religious Study Group Of Mombasa (Consolidated), Mombasa Study Group , 1959Mombasa , (1959)
An Ismaili Interpretation of the Fall of Adam, Bernard Lewis , Volume IX, Issue 1937-39, (1937)

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