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Shigar Fort

Shigar Fort

Shigar Fort is built upon a massive boulder and is 400 years old. It is locally known as Fongkhar, "Palace on the Rock". Shigar Fort is at the foot of a steep rock formation, on top of which lie the ruins of the original Fort. It was the former royal residence of the Rajas of Shigar.

The twentieth ruler of the Amacha dynasty, Raja Hassan Khan came in power in 1634. However, he lost his kingdom to other invaders. With the help of Moghul emperor Shah Jehan and his forces, he managed to regain the throne. The Raja brought many artisans from Kashmir to Shigar and went on to build the fort. In the 1950's, Shigar Fort was gradually abandoned.

The restored Shigar Fort Residence is the first exclusive heritage house in Pakistan. It is a one hour drive from Skardu airport.

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