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Ismaili History

The ISMAILI HISTORY SECTION endeavours to put our Ismaili Heritage at our fingertips so that we may easily navigate through the Events, the Readings, the People, and the Places of our Ismaili History.

Please feel free to make your content contributions to heritage@ismaili.net.


A searchable list of Articles and Books on ismaili history that are available for reading online on this site.



ismaili-history-5kerbalaHISTORY BOOK

History of the Ismailis by Mumtaz Tajddin - Comprehensive book about Imams, People, Periods and Events in Ismaili History.



101heroes-pic_060HEROES - PEOPLE

A searchable list of Ismaili Heroes and other main People in Ismaili History, with references to other sources on the site.


Aga Khan III -smsposter2AGA KHAN III

Documents, Events and multimedia from the Glorious Life of Aga Khan III, Imam Sultan Mohamed Shah.
Aga Khan III - Texts - Album - Timeline - Audio - Video



2007-may-june 287EVENTS

A searchable list of the main events and periods in Ismaili History, with references to other sources on the site.


A powerful tool for surfing and filtering the display of Ismaili History events on a visual timeline.


2004-11 azharpark9PLACES

A Searchable list of important places in Ismaili History

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