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Opening of the New Aga Khan University Hospital’s Nakawa Specialty Centre opens in Uganda

Saturday, 2024, April 27

The unveiling of the Aga Khan University Hospital’s Nakawa Specialty Centre marks a significant stride in Uganda’s healthcare landscape, offering a diverse range of specialized outpatient services. Nestled along the Old Port Bell Road, this pioneering facility, situated on the inaugural Aga Khan University campus in Kampala, delivers vital services including chemotherapy, dialysis, and cutting-edge diagnostic imaging such as CT scans, mammography, neurophysiology, and ultrasound.

Today, AKU is opening the first building on the site of its new 60-acre campus and Hospital in Kampala. The Nakawa Specialty Centre will offer an array of outpatient services, from imaging and diagnostic technologies to consulting clinics in more than a dozen specialties. The University’s Academic Centre and Student Housing buildings are currently under construction and are expected to open early next year. Construction of the Hospital will start early next year.

The University’s Kampala campus will contribute to Mawlana Hazar Imam’s goal of building an integrated network of international-quality health care and education institutions in East Africa. The AKDN health system in East Africa now consists of five hospitals and more than 100 clinics that together care for more than 2 million patients annually. With the support of Jamati donors and volunteers, and institutional supporters such as the Governments of France and Germany, $250 million has been invested to expand and upgrade this system over the last eight years.

On Monday and Tuesday, AKU will mark the close of its 40th anniversary year and celebrate its second annual Founder’s Day. AKU’s 40th year has been a transformative one. Numerous longstanding goals have been achieved, including the launch of the University’s undergraduate medical education programme in Nairobi; its undergraduate nursing programme in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam; and its Faculty of Arts and Sciences in Karachi. All three programmes welcomed their first students last year. The University also inaugurated its Arusha Climate and Environmental Research Centre in Tanzania, and is working hard to achieve net-zero carbon emissions together in line with the target set by Prince Rahim for all AKDN agencies globally.

Founder’s Day is a new annual tradition at AKU. It offers the University community an opportunity to reflect on the vision of AKU’s founder and Chancellor, Mawlana Hazar Imam; to celebrate the impact of the University; and to recognize the contributions of its supporters around the world, inside and outside of the Jamaat.

As part of AKU’s Founder’s Day and anniversary celebrations, it is opening on Monday in Nairobi a multimedia exhibition that brings to life its 40-year journey. The exhibition features rarely seen photographs, videos, artifacts and documents, new interviews and surprising details. It captures AKU’s evolution from a single campus and hospital to the internationally recognized, continent-spanning institution of today.

The exhibition has been installed at the AKU University Centre, across from the Aga Khan University Hospital, and is open to the public. Special opportunities will also be arranged for the Jamat to visit at specially allocated timings. The University hopes to see you there, and it thanks the members of the Jamaat for the transformative gifts of funds, time, and knowledge that the Jamaat has provided over many years for the development of AKU in line with Mawlana Hazar Imam’s vision.


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