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Opening Ceremony of the Prince Aly Boys' Academy, Karachi 1970-02-08

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Event - 1970-02-08
Sunday, 1970, February 8
Ismaili Mirror 1973
Hazar Imam accompanied by Begum Salimah performing the Opening Ceremony of the Prince Aly Boys' Academy, Karachi

During His 1970 visit to Pakistan Hazar Imam performed the opening ceremony of the Prince Aly Boys' Academy in Karachi, Pakistan.

The work on establishing the Prince Aly Boys' Academy started in 1960 by Ismaili volunteers of the Ismailia Youth Services (I.Y.S) on the same pattern as the Mohammadi Girls' Academy .

By 1960, they rented a bungalow in Bahadurabad area of Karachi and established the Prince Aly Boys' Academy in loving memory of our beloved late Prince Aly S. Khan. The initial batch of 20 boys was housed there and looked after by an administration and a small paid staff, and again, groups of volunteers to see to their general welfare.

I.Y.S. aimed at having its own building for this project too and purchased a 4-acre plot of land in late 1961 on the main Malir Landhi highway adjacent to the Mohammadi Girls' Academy. Subsequently the plot measuring 5 acres adjoining the previous plot, was also acquired by I.Y.S.

Mowlana Hazar Imam was graciously pleased to lay the foundation stone of the Boys' Academy on 12 December, 1960. On this occasion Mowlana Hazar Imam made a memorable speech, an extract of which is presented below.

"Let Me say to begin with, how proud I have been to visit the Girls' Academy and to see that what had been my hope and prayer four years ago has actually been realized. Not only is the Academy in a magnificent state of upkeep, but the children look very happy indeed.

I would like to congratulate the Youth Services for the excellent work which they have done and to tell them that not only do I believe they are admired in the Jamat for their outstanding services, but also I have heard very high compliments from many people outside the community.

What I would like my Jamats to understand, and I know that they already understand this, is that any individual, whoever he may be in the Jamat, who is doing good work in the interest of our children, needs and deserves support. And I will always give these spiritual children the support they deserve so long as they carry out their duties in the most logical and intelligent way which they can."

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