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Princess Zahra Aga Khan attends Commonwealth Day Commemoration at Westminster Abbey 2024-03-11

Princess Zahra Aga Khan attended the annual Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey

Princess Zahra Aga Khan attended the annual Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey on Monday, March 11, 2024. Princess Zahra is listed as an Honorary Steward, Representing the Vice President of the Royal Commonwealth Society, on page 5 of The 2024 Commonwealth Day Service of Service Booklet.

THE PROCESSION OF HONOURED GUESTS AND PARTICIPANTS THE FOUR LOYAL SOCIETIES Honorary Steward Princess Zahra Aga Khan Representing the Vice President Royal Commonwealth Society

Prince Rahim Aga Khan welcomed at Buckingham Palace by King Charles III 2023-07-12

Buckingham Palace announcement
Court Circular

King Charles III of Great Britain received Prince Rahim at Buckingham Palace on July 12, 2023

Prince Rahim attends Commonwealth Day Service of Celebration 2023-03-13

Prince Rahim and His Majesty King Charles at the Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey on 13 March 2023.

Earlier today, Prince Rahim attended the Commonwealth Day Service of Celebration, in the presence of His Majesty The King, Head of the Commonwealth, at Westminster Abbey in London, England.

Prince Rahim, representing Mawlana Hazar Imam, led the procession of Loyal Societies in his capacity as Vice President-designate of the Royal Commonwealth Society.

Following the event, Prince Rahim met with His Majesty The King, as well as senior members of the royal family and delegates including representatives from other faith communities.


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Hazar Imam spoke at the Institutional Dinner held at Grosvenor House Hotel in London, England during the 1994 Holy Padhramni

Prince Rahim attended a special event in London on 18 January to honour the contributions of Farhad Daftary to IIS 2023-01-18

Prince Rahim speaking at IIS for the occasion of Dr. Farhad Daftary's retirement

Prince Rahim attended a special event in London on 18 January to honour the contributions of Dr Farhad Daftary to The Institute of Ismaili Studies, and more broadly to the fields of Ismaili and Islamic studies, as he steps down from his management roles at The Institute.

Prince Rahim announced that Mawlana Hazar Imam has decided to acknowledge Dr Daftary’s contributions to The Institute by attaching his name to forthcoming PhD Scholarships awarded by IIS — they will be known as The Farhad Daftary PhD Scholarships.

Prince Rahim attends retirement of Dr. Farhad Daftary from IIS 2023-01-18

Dr Farhad Daftary and Prince Rahim Aga Khan. Image credit: Rehana Virani/IIS.

On 18 January 2023 the IIS held a reception to honour Dr Farhad Daftary and mark his retirement as Co-Director and Head of the Department of Academic Research and Publications earlier this month.

The event took place at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, London, with Prince Rahim Aga Khan in attendance and was attended by staff, students, governors and leaders of the Ismaili community.

Princess Zahra addresses A CELEBRATION OF AKF (UK) Ball 1995-11-13

Princess Zahra Aga Khan
Canadian Ismaili (December 1995)

1995, November 13: Princess Zahra addressed the charity function held at Grosvenor Hotel, London where the theme was "Water for Life". In her speech, Princess Zahra said; "Investing in women yields high returns, both for themselves and for the generations to come" . Hazar Imam, in a message conveyed through Princess Zahra, said; "Through the voice of My daughter, and at the end of her speech, I want to associate Myself with the gratitude and respect she expressed for all those who have contributed to the mission of the Aga Khan Foundation.


Prince Rahim represents Mawlana Hazar Imam at Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral 2022-09-19

Prince Rahim meets with King Charles at Queen Elizabeth IIs funeral services   2022-09-19

Following an invitation from Buckingham Palace, Mawlana Hazar Imam requested Prince Rahim to represent him at the funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, which took place today. Prince Rahim attended the Committal Ceremony held at Windsor Castle this afternoon.

The Committal Ceremony was attended by members of the royal family, individuals from other royal families, close friends, past and present members of the Queen’s household, Governors General, and Realm Prime Ministers.

Prince Hussain’s exhibition The Living Sea – Fragile Beauty finally arrives in the UK. 2022-09-07

Prince Hussain speaking at the Living Sea Exhibition held in London, U.K. September 7-24 2022

Featuring almost a decade’s worth of photos, Prince Hussain’s exhibition The Living Sea – Fragile Beauty finally arrived in the UK. Entering the social hall of the Ismaili Centre, London yesterday, visitors found themselves in a dazzling underwater world.

Interview with H.H. The AgaKhan and Synergos Founder Peggy Dulany at the Synergos University 2012-10-22

His Highness the #AgaKhan and #Synergos (@Synergos) Founder Peggy Dulany at the Synergos University for a Night Event, London, U

Robert Dunn: My name is Bob Dunn and I have the privilege of serving as the President of the Synergos Institute.

This is our first University for a Night in Europe, although we have held similar events for more than a decade in New York and quite recently in Johannesburg. It’s really wonderful to see some old friends and some new ones, new faces, and we are, of course, especially honoured to have with us His Highness the Aga Khan and also that we are joined by his daughter and son, Princess Zahra and Prince Rahim.

memorable visit by Hazar Imam to England in August 1994 from 5th to 14th

memorable visit by Hazar Imam to England in August 1994 from 5th to 14th

Mawlana Hazar Imam's memorable visit to London in August 1994 (5 to 114) brought together jamats from around the world in a celebration of the ties that bind the community across frontiers and of our Imam-e-Zaman's affection and concern for the jamat worldwide



Hazar Imam meets Her Highness Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace for the occasion of His Golden Jubilee

Paradise found: London gallery showcases art inspired by Islamic garden design 2021-05-14

A ‘poetic’ fountain spouts delicate paper strips by artist Clare Celeste Börsch at the Making Paradise exhibition, Aga Khan Gall
The Guardian theguardian.com

Nature-driven artist and environmentalist Clare Celeste Börsch among contributors to exhibition exploring concept of Eden

As in many paradise gardens, particularly those inspired by Islamic culture, a fountain lies at the heart of the quadrilateral garden created inside the Aga Khan Centre gallery in King’s Cross, London. This fountain doesn’t spout water, however, but beautiful, intricate strips of paper with laser-cut flowers made by Berlin-based American artist Clare Celeste Börsch.

Prince Amyn visited the Ismaili Center, London, England 1982-05-13

Prince Amyn at ismaili Center, London 1982-05-13
Roshni USA Issue No.8 October 1982

Prince Amyn visited the Ismaili Center in Kensington, London for the occasion of "topping out" ceremony. Prince Amyn placed the last brick as guest of honour at this ceremony held on the roof of the nearly completed Ismaili Center in central London.

Prince Amyn said that the Center has "the difficult vocation of bridging East and West, of bringing together strong and brilliant cultures".

Mowlana Sultan Muhammad Shah accompanied by Begum Mata Salamat visited London, England 1955-05-22

Mowlana Sultan Muhammad Shah at London Airport with Begum Mata Salamat

La bégum des Ismaéliens Aga Khan Yvette Labrousse, et le prince Aga Khan III
La bégum des Ismaéliens Aga Khan Yvette Labrousse et le prince Aga Khan III lors de leur arrivée à l'aéroport de Londres le 22 mai 1955, au Royaume-Uni. (Photo by KEYSTONE-FRANCE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

Mowlana Sultan Muhammad Shah arrived in London, United Kingdom accompanied by Begum Mata Salamat

Hazar Imam at London Conferece met with British Royal Family members and Pakistani Ambassador 2010-01-27

Hazar Imam speaking to Prince Charles and Pakistan's Shah Mehmood Qureshi  at London Conference
alamy stock photo

Britain's Prince Charles (L) speaks with Pakistan's Shah Mehmood Qureshi (R) whilst his brother Prince Andrew (2nd R) speaks with the Aga Khan during a reception for the delegates of Afghanistan: The London Conference, at St James's Palace in London January 27, 2010. The conference on Afghanistan which only a week ago was seen as the political stunt of an enfeebled British government could now mark the beginning of the end of the war in Afghanistan. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

Hazar Imam attends the Annual Commonwealth Day as The Vice-President of the Royal Commonwealth Society 2020-03-09

Hazar Imam meets with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth at Westminster Abbey for the Annual Commonwealth Day  2020-03-09

2020, March 9: H.H. The Aga Khan attends the Annual Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey on special invitation by the Queen. Hazar Imam holds the office of The Vice-President of the Royal Commonwealth Society

The Procession of Honoured Guests and Participants
An Honorary Steward

The Vice-President of the Royal Commonwealth Society
His Highness the Aga Khan IV

The Chairman of the Victoria League for Commonwealth Fellowship
Brigadier Anthony Faith cbe

The Chairman of the English-Speaking Union
Professor James Raven

The Chairman of the Royal Over-Seas League

Speech by The Aga Khan at the International Colloquium organised by The Institute of Ismaili Studies 2003-10-19


Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim

Your Excellencies, Your Worship, Distinguished Scholars and Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Video works inspired by Arab revolts premiere in London's Aga Khan Centre 2019-11-16

A glimmer of hope. “We Love Life” by Bahia Shehab. (Charlene Rodrigues)
The Arab Weekly

LONDON - In her first solo British exhibition, “At the Corner of a Dream,” Egyptian activist Bahia Shehab voiced powerful messages on a variety of themes presented through five short videos reflecting on Arab revolts.

The videos showcased at London’s Aga Khan Centre are digital artworks produced this year. They follow on the poetry murals inspired by Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish that Shehab painted in Cairo, New York, Beirut and Marrakech, as well as the Greek island of Kefalonia.

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