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Lecture by Imam Aga Sultan Muhammad Shah - The Iran Society

Hafiz and the place of Iranian Culture in the World - Lecture by Imam Aga Sultan Muhammd Shah  1936-11-01

I must thank His Excellency the Iranian Minister, Lord Lamington and the members of the Society for having done me the honour of inviting me tonight to bring before you the importance to the whole world of those spiritual forces that the ancient land of Iran has cherished in her modern history. Before I go further I want to define clearly what I mean by "spiritual forces" – I do not use this term in any question-begging sense.

Press Interview in Iran 1959-11-01

Hazar Imam passes under the Holy Qu'ran held aloft by Ismailis during His visit to Maymch, Iran on 1959-10-30
Speeches Book II (pg 5 – 7) 1958-1963

Press Interview in Iran
November 1st , 1959
Source: Speeches II (pg 5 – 7)

Iran Finds Ismaili Cellards in Alamut - 2007-12-19

2007, December 19 : Iranian archeologists have discovered two interconnected Ismaili cellars dating back to 5th - 7th centuries in the vicinity of the historical castle of Alamout, 100 km from Tehran during the excavation of the northern gate of the fortress intended to study the Safavid era strata of the castle. The fortress was once the headquarters of the Ismaili sect, led by Hassan Sabbah between the 11th and 13th centuries. TE/HGH

Shafique Virani receives Iran 's highest prize in the humanities - 2008-12-27


U of T Mississauga professor's book receives Iran 's highest prize in the humanities - Professor Shafique Virani of the Department of Historical Studies at U of T Mississauga and U of T’s Department and Centre for the Study of Religion has received a Farabi International Award for his book The Ismailis in the Middle Ages: A History of Survival, A Search for Salvation.

Mashad Jamatkhana, Iran

Ghasemabad Jamatkhana, Iran

Mashad Jamatkhana, Iran

Mashhad Jamatkhana, Iran - Ayats 35-37 of Sura Nur from the Holy Quran, are inscribed in the niche-like frontispiece

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