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31. Datoo, Mukhi Ramzan Ismail, Dr. - page 113

Mukhi Ramzan Ismail (d. 1910) was a prominent leader. Imam Aga Ali Shah appointed him the Mukhi with Kamadia Hashim for the Kharadhar Jamatkhana, Karachi in 1882. Mukhi Ramzan was also an elected member of Karachi Municipality in 1854. He served the ailing persons in the community with his means and materials during the outbreak of plague in 1897. Mukhi Ramzan Ismail had eight sons, and the best known among them were Mukhi Rehmatullah, Mukhi Teja, Sabzali, Mukhi Nazar Ali or Mukhi Nanda, Ghulam Hussain or Gulu and Dr. Datoo.
Dr. Datoo was well educated with religious tendency since childhood. His appearance in the circuit of community services began when the plague, in a virulent form, broke out in 1897 in Karachi. To stem the tide of this dreadful scourge, he joined his father and came to the rescue of the patients and displayed no caste or radical prejudices. Some patients cherished desire to attend the first marriage of the Imam in 1897 at Poona with Shahzadi Begum. Dr. Datoo also followed his patients, and opened his small clinic in the camp at Ganesh Khand. It bewildered Lady Aly Shah to see his spirit and she admired his services for the patients.

He built the upper floor of the Kharadhar Jamatkhana for gents at the cost of Rs. 9000/- its opening ceremony was performed on August 3, 1918 by the hands of Varas Basaria Fadhu (1848-1918). The Imam tendered congratulation through a message from Europe.

He became the member, then the President of the Ismailia Supreme Council for Karachi between September 1, 1918 and August 31, 1919. He is noted for serving the community for 30 years. During the disease of influenza in Karachi, he rendered excellent services to the Ismailis with Dr. H.P. Limoria.

On Sunday, February 23, 1919, a garden party was entertained to Dr. Datoo and Dr. Limoria in the compound of the Panjibhai Club at Garden quarter, for enumerating their valuable services. They were gifted silver caskets by the Young Khoja Ismailia Volunteer Corps for Kharadhar, Karachi. The function was presided by Varas Muhammad Remu of Gwadar.

During his visit, the Imam appreciated his valuable services on Sunday, April 11, 1920 at Kharadhar Jamatkhana, Karachi and said, 'Dr. Datoo Mukhi Ramzan has constructed a new additional upper floor for the Baitul Khiyal Brotherhood, costing about Rs. 10,000/- I give him many blessings.' On Thursday, May 6, 1920, the Imam also said to him, 'You have rendered more and more services to me, therefore, I am highly pleased with you, and bless you. You continue to serve all the times excellently as a member of the Council. Khanavadan.'

While talking of Dr. Datoo in Bombay in Recreation Club on March 27, 1922, the Imam said, 'He is now old. It is worthful if he works voluntarily or serves in other field. I bless him. The central committee may write him on my behalf for a membership. He has many persons working under him, and it will be better to teach the children. How long a person can work alone? Well, he is a doctor for new converts, not for old followers.'

Dr. Datoo died on January 19, 1939. He had a son, Shahban and a daughter, Jainab. Shahban died on September 7, 1955 and had seven children, Ismail, Hussain, Muhammad, Sadruddin, Sakina, Mariam and Alijiani Fatima Khanu.

Datoo, Mukhi Ramzan Ismail, Dr.

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