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Ismaili Hero - Pir Shahbuddin Shah

Pir Shahbuddin Shah was a learned scholar, a great philosopher and was well-known for his piety and knowledge.
The thing which made Pir Shahbuddin famous in history was his renowned treatise entitled 'Risala dar Haqiqat-i-Din' or 'The True Meaning of Religion.'

He was appointed as 'Pir' by Imam Aga Ali Shah in 1299 A.H. (1882 C.E.) at the age of 30 years. The Imam was reported to have assigned him to set and shorten the daily old prayers of Ismailis. This leads us to believe that he also had good knowledge of Indian languages. He was also competent and talented in Persian and Arabic studies.

Pir Shahabud-din Shah

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