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21. Ass'ad Shah Khalili - page 67

He was known as Brigadier General Amir Ass'ad Shah Khalili, and was born in 1915. He took up a military career in Iran and became an officer in army of His Imperial Majesty the Shahanshah of Iran. He rose to his rank very soon and served as Adjutant in the Defence Ministry. As his services were required in the Police Force, he was seconded to the Police of the State and retired as a Chief Police. He had many medals and decorations to his credit.
He was the estate agent of the Imam since 1951 in Iran. After his retirement, he started his own small business and became the directors of three business firms.

His younger brother, Shah Rukh Shah Khalili was promoted in the army as Brigadier General in 1963, and was posted in Shiraz in the province of Fars as the head of the police department. When De Gaulle, the French President visited Shiraz, he was honoured with the French Legion of Honour. His other brother, Colonel Abdul Ali Khan Shah Khalili was in the defence department. All these brothers were landowners and very influential and served the Ismaili jamats in Iran.

Ass'ad Shah Khalili attended the first Ismailia Socio-Economic Conference in Karachi on December 15, 1964 and died in 1966 in Iran.

Assad Shah Khalili

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