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77. Muhammad Hasan A. Fazalbhoy, Wazir - page 311

He belonged to well-known Fazalbhoy family, whose all members have been closely connected with the community services. He graduated in 1924 and passed LL.B. in 1926 from Bombay University. He passed the Solicitor's examination in 1928, and became the Partner of Perera Fazalbhoy & Co., the famous Solicitors and Notary Public since 1929. He practiced in Bombay and earned a highest respect in all quarters in the legal circles, in public life and within the community. He was well respected by the Bench and the Bar. In youth, he was the Joint Secretary of Historical Society with K.T. Desai. He also as an Ismaili Solicitor served in the Federal Council for many years.
He was the member of the Bombay Council in 1934. He was also appointed the Hon. Chief Secretary of the Supreme Council for India between 1941 and 1949. He also became the Vice-President of the Federal Council for India in 1958 for 5 years, and the President on March 21, 1963

He was also the President of the Aga Khan Legion and Diamond Jubilee Celebration Committee and collected the donation of 80 lacs in India. He was the Trustee of Diamond Jubilee Trust from its existence in 1946 and served for 17 years.

When Platinum Jubilee Investment Ltd. was established, its Chairman was Wazir Abdul Hamid Hasan Ali and he was its Director. When the Chairman had gone out of India, he was elected the Chairman till his death.

He was an ardent believer in honesty, sincerity and dedication to duty in all walks of life. He was gifted with aptitude, tact, and hard work organizing capacity. In sum, he rendered 30 years services to the community.

He died on Thursday, June 13, 1963 at Bombay. The Imam sent the following message upon his death:-

Much grieved to hear the sad demise of President Vazir Mohamed Hasan Fazalbhoy. Best loving blessings for the soul of late President Fazalbhoy and I pray eternal peace and rest his soul. Best blessings for the family for courage and fortitude in their great loss.

Muhammad Hasan A. Fazalbhoy, Wazir

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