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83. Mustapha Ghaleb - page 327

Mustapha Amir Ghaleb was born in 1923 in Salamia, Syria. He came from a family well known for their piety in Syria. The leadership of the Ismailis in Syria was hereditary in the family of Amir Ismail bin Muhammad (d. 1896), the first estate agent of the Imam, whose grandson was the uncle of Mustapha Ghaleb.
He got educated in Roman Catholic College and Lloyd Franans College at Beirut and had an aptitude for journalism. He acquired considerable proficiency and obtained a diploma in journalism from Egyptian College of Journalists in 1952.

He completed his high school studies in Homs, Syria. In 1953, he also started his working as a correspondent and editor of the first Ismaili periodical in the Arab countries, entitled, 'al-Ghadir' in 1956.

He was elected for the membership of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain in 1957. He obtained his Honorary Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Malmo, Sweden in 1968, and in the following year he got his Ph.D. in History and Literature from the National University of Canada.

He was elected as an Honorary Member for the Institute International de Recherche Scientifique in Zurich and Dusseldurf in 1970.

He made his visit to Pakistan and India on October, 1968 and delivered lectures, and since then he became a famous figure in the Ismaili world as one of the renowned scholars. He died in 1979.

Dr. Mustapha Ghaleb published the following books:-

Tarikh-i ad-Dawa al-Ismailia (Damascus, 1953), Al-Haraka al-Batinia fi al-Islam (Beirut, 1961), Alam al-Ismailia (Damascus, 1964), Hasan as-Sabbah (Beirut, 1964), Falasafa min Ash-Sharq wa al-Gharb (Beirut, 1968), Sinan Rashid ad-Din (Beirut, 1968), Fi Rihab Ikhwan as-Saffa (Beirut, 1969), Haqiqat al-Ismailia (Beirut, 1970), Al-Bsysn (Damascus, 1955), Al-Haft al-Sharif (Beirut, 1968), Al-Yanabi (Beirut, 1967), Ikhtilaf-e-Usul al-Mazaib (Beirut, 1968), Al-Aqwal al-Zahabiah (Beirut, 1970), Al-Durare al-Chamia (Beirut, 1970), Doctrine of Ismailis (English), Beirut, 1970, The Ismailis in Syria (Beirut, 1970), History of Ismaili Dawa (Damascus, 1953), Aga Khan in Syria (Damascus, 1951), Message of Aga Khan to Islamic World (Damascus, 1951), Batini Movement in Islam (Beirut, 1966), Philosophers from East and West (Beirut, 1968), etc.

He also edited and published the following historical works:-

letter-spacing:-.1pt'>Rahat al-Aql
by Hamiduddin Kirman (Beirut, 1964), Ithbat al-Imama by an-Nisaburi (Beirut, 1966), Tafsir al-Koran by Ibn Arabi (Beirut, 1967), Iftitah ad-Dawa by Qadi Noman (Beirut, 1969), Al-Masabih al-Imama by al-Karimi (Beirut, 1969), Ikhtilaf Usul al-Madhahib by Qadi Noman (Beirut, 1969), Kanz al-Walad by al-Karimi (Gottingen, 1970), Al-Iftikar by as-Sijistani (Beirut, 1970), etc.

Nay, he was a contributor of many articles for different journals and periodicals of the Western and Arabian countries. His articles appeared in the Ismaili periodicals were 'My 25 years in Journalism' (Africa Ismaili, Nairobi, 26/5/1972), 'Five Short Biographies' (Ibid., 26/5/1972), 'Ismailism and Allegorical Interpretation of the Quran' (Ibid., 18/2/1972)

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