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40. Ghulam Hussain S. Thavar, Wazir - page 166

Thavar Pir Muhammad hailed from Dhoraji. It is said that he left Dhoraji in 1890 with his sons, Shakur Thavar and Hashim Thavar and arrived in Deccan, Hyderabad. He again moved towards Bijapur, where he opened his small grocery shop. His sons were traders of cutlery items and bones. Soon afterwards, Thavar Pir Muhammad ventured into the business of leather. His elder son, Shakur who was born in 1880 had established the Sholapur Tenneries at very young age in Sholapur and became a pioneer merchant of leather. Shakur Thavar died on June 4, 1952 at the age of 72 years.
Ghulam Hussain, the son of Shakur Thavar was born in 1907 in Bombay and he was educated in Sholapur. He was the partner of Shakoorbhoy Thavarbhoy & Sons and the owner of Sholapur Tanneries at Sholapur.

He is reputed in the service of the community in Bombay since his childhood. In 1922, he joined the Kandi Mowla Students Library and published a quarterly journal 'Fidai' in 1926.

Ghulam Hussain Thavar was a renowned writer, journalist and a devoted social worker. He also rendered valuable services as the President of the Fidai Academy, Andheri, Bombay (1946-1949), the Director of the Ismailia Cooperative Bank Ltd., the President of Leather Merchant Association and the President of Sholapur Rotary Club in 1944-45. He was also an office bearer of the Lodge Royal Jubilee, Sholapur, the Chairman of the Executive Committee of Sholapur District Boy Scouts Association and the District of Sholapur.

He served as the President of the Ismailia Association for India for three years (1948-1952). He was the first to have started the tradition of trained Honorary Waezeens in India in 1950. Ghulam Hussain Thavar introduced the Mission Assembly so successfully in India that the Africa and Pakistan Associations followed his example and established the Mission Assembly.

After his retirement from the Ismailia Association, Ghulam Hussain Thavar became the Vice-President of the Platinum Jubilee Celebration Committee, and succeeded to collect twenty lacs rupees in India. The publication of the 'Platinum Jubilee Bulletin' was his landmark efforts. He assured to his associates that he would bear its loss. When it faced a loss of seven thousand rupees, he reimbursed as per his words.

Ghulam Hussain Thavar also served in the Ismaili Council in Poona for 25 years as a member, then its Hon. Secretary and the President. He was also a member of the Ismaili Council for the Deccan for 22 years, during which period he was elected for three terms as the President. He was also the Chairman of the Platinum Jubilee Investment Ltd. in 1952.

In 1954, Ghulam Hussain Thavar had the honour of accompanying Prince Aly S. Khan to visit about 13 quarters in India.

Ghulam Hussain Thavar died on Wednesday, May 22, 1963 in Chittagong. In a message on June 4, 1963, the Imam said that, 'I am much grieved to know the sad demise of Vazir Ghulam Hussain Thavarbhoy. I give paternal maternal best loving blessings to the late Vazir Thavarbhoy and pray eternal peace for the soul. Best blessings to the family of late Vazir Thavarbhoy for courage and fortitude in their great loss.'

Ghulam Hussain S. Thavar, Wazir

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