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19. Amir Ali Muhammad Ormadawala - page 64

Amir Ali Muhammad Ormadawala was born in 1917 in the house of Mohammad Hirji of Amerali. His father died in 1918 when he was hardly a year old. His mother, Sambai had a religious proclivity and rendered her services as the Mukhiani of the Ormada jamat.
He was given adequate religious training since childhood. He entered the arena of community services when he became the Chairman of the Ormada School Board. He also served as a member of the Ormada Council, and became the Kamadia and then Mukhi of the Jamatkhana. In appreciation of his dedicated services, the Imam bestowed upon him the title of Alijah in 1946.

It may be noted that in the early centuries, Ormada was a part of Kalat State under Makran domain. It was given to Jam of Lasbela by Khan Nasir Khan. It remained in Lasbela State till 1972. When Jam Ghulam Mohammad, the ruler of Lasbela visited Ormada in 1933, he appointed Azharuddin as the first Naib Tehsildar of Ormada. In the time of the 8th Naib Tehsildar, Mr. Allah Dino (1945-1946), an earthquake devastated Ormada, in which the Jamatkhana was also destroyed. Its report was communicated in Bombay to the Imam through a delegation of the Ormada jamat. The Imam granted permission to build a new Jamatkhana. Mukhi Amirali extended his timely and valuable cooperation in building the new Jamatkhana and donated a large amount in return. He served the Ormada jamat for five years.

He launched a trip of Karachi in 1948, and found it an ideal place for his business. He worked hard and built a successful business in Karachi.

He was indeed a man of manifold qualities, notably a source of encouragement to social workers. He was a noble soul and possessed pleasing and lovable personality. He was appointed Kamadia of the Garden Jamatkhana on March 21, 1961. In view of his invaluable services, the Imam promoted him as Mukhi on December 25. 1964 in place of late Wazir Mukhi Hussain Peera, who died on September 12, 1964. He executed the office of the Mukhi till his last breath. The Imam also bestowed him the title of Itmadi.

He became an ex-officio member of The Ismailia Federal Council for Pakistan and the Ismailia Association for Pakistan. He was also a member of the Aga Khan Karachi Jamatkhanas Construction Advisory Committee, the Pak-Ismailia Cooperative Bank Ltd., Education Board and Platinum Jubilee Finance and Investment Corporation. He played significant part in the construction of the new Jamatkhana of Garden area.

He performed the column concrete filling ceremony of the third floor of the Garden Jamatkhana on July 11, 1966.

Mukhi Itmadi Amir Ali Ormadawala died on Monday, October 23, 1967. The Imam sent the following urgent telegraphic message on November 18, 1967 to the Garden Council:

Paris Telexe de Lassy,

Par Luzarches 62 29 1142,


My dear President and Members,

I have received your letter of October 24th, and was much grieved to hear of the sad demise of Aitmadi Amirali Mohammed Ormarawalla, the Mukhi of Garden Jamat.

I send my most affectionate paternal maternal loving blessings for the soul of late Aitmadi Amirali, and pray that his soul may rest in eternal peace.

Kindly convey my most affectionate paternal maternal loving blessings to all the members of late Aitmadi Amirali's family for courage and fortitude in their great loss.

Late Aitmadi Amirali's devoted services will always be remembered by my Karachi Jamat and myself.

He was like a lion of service and was an example to all, but which few could emulate.

While appointing Rai Jumabhai Sadruddin Khemani, the President of the Garden Council as the new Mukhi for Garden Jamatkhana, the Imam sent following message on January 1, 1968 to the Federal Council for Pakistan that:

My dear President and Members,

I appoint with my best paternal maternal loving blessings Rai Jooma Sadruddin Khemani as the Mukhi of Garden Jamat.

I send my best paternal maternal blessings for the soul of late Mukhi Amirali Mohomed Ormarawalla and pray that his soul may rest in eternal peace.

Until 21st March, 1968, the Vice-President of the Garden Council should attend to the functioning of the Garden Council.

Amir Ali Muhammad Ormadawala

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