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Succession From Aga Khan III to Aga Khan IV - 1957-07-11

Thursday, 1957, July 11 - Friday, 1957, August 30

Collection of News clippings from the historic time of the succession of the Aga Khan II to the Aga Khan IV.

The Beloved Imam of the Ismailis, Mowlana Sultan Mohamed Shah Passed away on July 11th, 1957. He appointed his grandson Mowlana Shah Karim Al-Hussayni age 20 to succeed him as Imam and Pir of all the ismailis of the world.

The historic time of transition had articles mourning Sir Sultan Mohamed Shah, speculating who the next Imam will be, and covering the funeral and release of the will.

H.H. Prince Karim Aga Khan IV

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Death of the Aga Khan - 1957-07-12

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Some Headers:

- Ismaili Leaders from London join family at bedside.

- East Africa Mourning arrangements

- Governor sending message

- Very staunch friend to many

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