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Copyright Lawsuit: New Motion to Show That Aga Khan is NOT the Real Plaintiff - 2010-07-31

Saturday, 2010, July 31

Since the Defendants are acting on a Farman to them made in 1992, and since this Farman also gives instructions and guidance to continue distributing Farmans, then there is nothing in Ismaili Faith nor in the Canadian Legal system that can force them to stop their actions except the Imam, by giving new instructions Himself.

The Defendants have motioned to halt all proceedings until direct evidence from the Plaintiff can be received. The Defendants have also motioned for Discovery of the Imam for 5 minutes in Paris to confirm that he is not the one who initiated the lawsuit and to tell him the whole truth of the forgeries.

Since there is so much evidence pointing to this case being initiated and run by a usurper, it is understandable that he and his supporters will feel like they are in hot water, and will continue to fulfill their threat to ruin the defendants and their reputation.

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Discovery Request by Defendants Will Demonstrate That Imam is Not the Real Plaintiff - Copyright Lawsuit - 2010-07-31

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Request by the Defendants for Discovery Would Help the Plaintiff Win

The Plaintiff's Lawyer, Mr. Gray informed the Defendants that he advised the Imam NOT to attend for Discovery, which prompted the Defendants to question, why would counsel advise against a five-minute meeting to end the case and instead continue toward 10 or more full days' worth of legal proceedings other than to earn excess fees... Hence the bringing of the Motion by the Defendants to stay all cross-examinations until it can be confirmed if the Imam is really behind the litigation.

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