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Monday, 2001, November 26

Business Week: Gari Khan is renowned among his neighbors for his moving recitations of the Koran. Regularly, hundreds of fellow Muslims gather to marvel at his performances. Khan, 35, is known for something else, too: His prowess as a beekeeper. Six years ago, he and his wife, Shamin, 28, got loans and technical assistance from the Aga Khan Rural Support Program to raise honeybees.

H.H. Prince Karim Aga Khan IV

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Global Ismaili Civic Day-Importance of healthy environment highlighted by planting 250 saplings 2021-09-26

Source: Pakistan Observer

Around 250 saplings were planted in the village Hussain Abad and Tarr Khowaja through joint collaboration of Shia Ismaili Council and District Forest department that was followed by an event to highlight the importance of a healthy ecosystem and a nature-friendly atmosphere on the eve of Global Ismaili Civic day.

Speakers at the events shed light on the importance of planting trees and keeping the environment clean and green.

NBP Aitemaad signs Bancatakaful agreement with Jubilee Life Insurance

Habib Bank Pakistan
Source: Business Recorder

National Bank of Pakistan Aitemaad Islamic Banking Group signed the 'Bancatakaful' agreement with Jubilee Life Insurance Window Takaful Operations which is the largest life insurance company in the private sector of Pakistan. The agreement was signed in a ceremony held at NBP's Head Office to commemorate the partnership in the wake of the expanding market for Bancatakaful products.

Hazar Imam attends 65th annual dinner of The Pakistan Society:as Chief Guest of Honour 201

Mawlana Hazar Imam attends The Pakistan Society’s Annual Dinner  2018-1-0

LONDON: Britain’s former High Commissioner to Pakistan Sir Adam Thomson has said that a vibrant civil society and free media are essential in helping the government of Pakistan to deliver on the essentials that the growing Pakistani populations needs.

The former diplomat was speaking at the 65th annual dinner of The Pakistan Society at the Dorchester Hotel where His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan was the chief guest. Pakistan’s Acting High Commissioner Ayub Khan, several leading
Pakistani business professionals and officials of the Pakistan Society attended the dinner.

Wazir Khan Hammam — a 17th century wonder 2018-03-22

Wazir Khan Hammam — a 17th century wonder   2018-03-22

The famous Queen Noor Jahan, wife of Mughal Emperor Jahangir, was suffering from an untreatable disease and all the local herbal doctors (Hakeem) and physicians had failed to cure her. That was the time when one of the courtiers told the emperor about a Hakeem of Chiniot Ilm Ud Ansari, and thus he was called to Lahore to cure the Queen’s disease which was distressing the emperor. So the Hakeem made his entry into the Royal Kingdom of the Mughals. Hakeem Ilm Ud Din Ansari figured out the cause of disease and cured it by making the Queen walk on burning sand.

AKU supports 33,000 jobs annually in Sindh: study

Aga Khan University Hospitals in Karachi, Pakistan and Nairobi, Kenya are private, not-for-profit institutions providing high qu

The Aga Khan University launched on Thursday a landmark study which found that AKU has an annual economic impact in Pakistan of Rs103 billion, or $ 1 billion, and supports 42,000 jobs, including 33,000 in Sindh.

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