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Prince Hussain has suggested ways for each of us to help protect the oceans and the planet l-advice to the Jamat 2022-06-27

Prince Hussain Aga Khan

Stop using plastic completely. Use glass instead.
Refuse plastic utensils, cups and the like. Insist on reusable straws. If we absolutely must use a plastic bag, reuse it as much as possible.
Recycle everything we can.
Buy fewer new clothes, and when we do, try to buy only items made of natural fibres that can biodegrade, rather than synthetic materials that end up in landfill.
Plant as many plants as possible – the benefits for the environment and our community spaces and homes are huge.
Buy local as much as possible.

Hazar Imam visited China in October 1981 1981-10-22

Hazar Imam visits the Great Mosque of Xian, China   October 1981

Mowlana Hazar Imam at the Great Mosque of Xian with the Imam of the Mosque. Mr. Mohamed Yunus. Immediately behind Hazar Imam are Prince Amyn and various Muslim participants of the sixth Internation Seminar of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture titled "Changing Rural Habitat" held in Beijing. Hazar Imam also visited the Great Wall of China, the Ming Tombs and the Forbidden City. A banquet was hosted in honour of Hazar Imam by the Architectural Society of China at Beijing's Great Hall of the People.

Prince Amyn Mohammed places the last brick at the "topping out" ceremony at the Ismaili Centre London 1983-05-12

Prince Amyn Mohammed places the last brick at the "topping out" ceremony at the Ismaili Centre London  1983-05-12

Prince Amyn Mohammed displays the silver trowel after [lacing the last brick at the "topping out" ceremony at the Ismaili Centre in London on 12th May, 1982, As Guest of Honour at the ceremony held on the roof of the nearly completed Ismaili Centre in central London, Prince Amyn Mohammed said that the Centre has "the difficult vocation" of bridging East and West, of bringing together strong and brilliant cultures. Mr.

Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan paid a personal tribute at a ceremony in Westminster Abbey in honour of Yehudi Menuhin 1999-06-02

1960 PARIS Principe Sadruddin AGA KHAN with René MAHEU

TODAY IN HISTORY - 1999, June 2: UN official Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan paid a personal tribute at a ceremony in Westminster Abbey in honour of Yehudi Menuhin who "Influenced a generation of musicians" and who died in March at the age of 82. The ceremony was also attended by personalities such as Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the Dalai Lama and South African President Nelson Mandela. UN official Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan paid a personal tribute and Archbishop Desmond Tutu read out the message from President Mandela.

LINK: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/360422.stm

Hazar Imam spoke to the first batch of nursing students

1960-10-25 AKSON.jpg

On October 25th 1960, Hazar Imam addressed the first batch of nursing students at the Aga Khan School of Nursing

Hazar Imam laid the foundation stone of Garden Jamat Khana in Karachi on October 2nd 1960

The foundation stone laying by Hazar Imam on October 2, 1960 of the Garden Jamat Khana, Karachi

Hazar Imam is seen in this picture examining the model of the new Garden Jamat Khan at the time of the laying of its foundation stone in Karachi on Oct 2, 1960

Hazar Imam's vist to Pakistan in 1979

Hazar Imam meets President Zia-ul-Haq during the 1979 Visit to Pakistan

During his visit to Pakistan, His Highness met on several occasions with the President of Pakistan, General Zia-ul-Haq, and for a full day they visited together the Northern Areas of Gilgit and Hunza. Her Highness The Begum paid a visit in Karachi to the Karimabad Maternity Home and in Islamabad to the National Institute of Folk Heritage. His Highness, while in Karachi, inspected in detail the progress of the construction at the Aga Khan Hospital and Medical College

US State of Illinois and the Ismaili Imamat sign Cooperation Agreement

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn and H.H. the Aga Khan sign an Agreement of Cooperation between the State of Illinois and the Ismaili

On November 4, 2011 Governor Patrick J. "Pat" Quinn and His Highness The Aga Khan signed an historic agreement to expand collaboration in the areas of education, environmental stewardship and management, health sciences, library and information sciences, infrastructure development, agricultural sustainability and culture.

History of Pirs

Pir Hasan Kabirdin was the youngest of the 5 sons of Pir Sadardin. He was born on Wednesday 22nd of the month of Shaan 742 A.H. in the state of Bhavalpur in the city of Ucch Sharif in present day Pakistan. The names of his other siblings were Sayyed Zaherdin, Sayyed Salahudin, Pir Tajudin and Sayyed Jamaludin.

Prince Aly Muhammad Aga Khan visited the Al-Azhar Park in Cairo this 28 January 2019.

Prince Aly Muhammad visits Al-Azhar Park, Cairo  2019-01-28

Prince Aly Muhammad Aga Khan visited the Al-Azhar Park in Cairo this 28 January 2019. Egyptian first lady Suzanne Mubarak and the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, a private agency which seeks to revitalize Muslim communities, inaugurated the largest public park built in Cairo in over a century in 2005

In this photo, the Ayyubid Wall is seen in the background. This historic wall lay buried for hundreds of years. It was built in 1176 by Salah al-Din, a Kurd of the Ayubbid clan who came to Cairo from Syria and led the armies which overthrew the reigning Fatimids

My Flag - brief origin

Ismaili Flag

My Flag-Red and Green

Letter to Hoodbhoy from Sultan Mohd. Shah Aga Khan III.
To Sikander Hashim Hoodbhoy.
Subject: Valuable Information

My dear Hoodbhoy,

Ismaili Volunteer Corps

Mowlana Sultan Muhammad Shah with Ismaili Volunteers

The Ismaili Volunteers Corp began in 1919. It was comprised of a few khaki-clad social workers known as His Highness The Aga Khan's Bombay Volunteers Corps. In 1920, Mowlana Sultan Muhammad Shah, pleased with the work performed by the Bombay Volunteers Corp, granted them the "Coat of Arms" to be worn as part of their uniform. This officially established the Volunteer Corps as an organized body. Mowlana Sultan Muhammad Shah wore it's uniform for the first time in 1921 in His capacity as Colonel of the Corps.

Hasan Pir

During the time of our 44th Holy Imam Shah Abul Hasanali, Sayyed "Hasan Pir" was appointed by the Imam's Talika to propogate the Ismaili faith in Gujerat. Even though Hasan Pir was not appointed as Pir by the Imam, he was granted the blessings of the Imam to spread the Ismaili Dawat in India in the Gujerat area. Hasan Pir moved the Ismailis from Gujerat to Junagadh's Pipariya town. These Ismailis projected the appearance of momins and they had accepted Imam Abul Hasanali as the Hazar Imam upon the guidance of Hasan Pir.

Our 44th Pir Bibi Sarkar Maryam Khatun Mata Salamat

Our 44th Holy Pir Bibi Sarkar Mata Salamat was born in Mahellat in Iran in 1157 A.H. She was the daughter of Pir Mirza Muhammad Baqir who was the maternal uncle of Imam Khalilullah Ali (the 2nd). Pir Bibi Sarkar married Imam Khalilullah Ali and became the mother of the next Imam Aga Hassanali Shah (Aga Khan !). Pir Bibi Sarkar (also known by her name of Maryam Khatoon) was sent by Imam Hassanali Shah to Jherruck accompanied by Mirza Abul Kassim in 1825.

Mowlana Sultan Muhammad Shah challenges King Wilhelm II of Prussia

in 1911 (A.H. 1323) the German Crown Prince King Wilhelm visited India and proudly said to our 48th Imam Aga Sultan Muhammad Shah during a billiards game that German forces would fight against the British forces and that what would you and the Indian rulers do to stop it? Mowlana Sultan Muhammad Shah immediately replied with confidence that "We will fight against the German forces and our armies will invade Germany" Hearing this, King Wilhelm was stunned and fell silent. (Noorum Mubeen)

Golden Jubilee of Mowlana Sultan Muhammad 1936-01-19

The Golden Jubilee celebrations of our 48th Holy Imam Shah Sultan Muhammad Shah were brought forward by two days to Sunday 19th January 1936 instead of 21st January as planned before due to the news of the ill-health of King George of England. The weighing ceremony was held at Hasanabad complex in Bombay named after our 46th Imam Aga Hasan Ali Shah. An estimated 40,000 people attended this golden weighing ceremony

Our 23rd Holy Pir Shams

Our 23rd Holy Pir Shams was born in Subzwar, Iran. His father was Hazrat Pir Sahebdin and mother's name was Fatima binte Sayyed Abdul Hadi. Our 29th Imam Kassim Shah appointed Pir Shams to propagate (Dawat) the Ismaili faith outside Iran. Pir Shams reached Badakshan, Ghazni, Kashmir and many other places in Hindustan. Pir Shams was also known as Pir Shams Subzwar because he spent part of his life in that place. In Ginans he has also been called Pir Shams Chot (because he had long hair which he tied as chotli). Pir Shams composed many ginans and granths.

The Five Fundamental Principles of Ismailism

The 5 fundamental principles of Ismailism are: TAWHID - The Oneness of Allah or the Unity of God. ADL - Justice i.e we are rewarded for the good we do and pay back for the evil we do. RASALAT - Prophethood. God has sent His Prophets to all peoples to guide them. IMAMAT - the institution of Divine Guidance through which mankind can achieve ultimate salvation. QIYAMAT - the Day of Judgement or the Great Day when good and evil deeds of mankind will be weighed

Maulana Sultan Muhammad Shah visited an Ismaili business in Poona

Maulana Sultan Muhammad Shah inspecting Ismailia Cheap Grain Stores in Poona  1945-12-15

Maulana Sultan Muhammad Shah visited the Ismailia Cheap Grain Stores in Poona on 15th December 1945. The owner was Mr. Yakubali Sulaiman. This store was a boon to the Ismailis of Poona

Aga Khan Legion


The Aga Khan Legion was established in December 15, 1940. About 50 leaders gathered for the purpose of Diamond Jubilee projects in which Prince Aly Khan had presided. Valiahad Prince Aly Khan told the gathering that he had found great happiness in this founding of the Aga Khan Legion. He said that even though the Ismaili community was small in comparison to other communities, through its sense of brotherhood and unity and good organisation it would be able to achieve great objectives.

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