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Bibi Fatima Tasbih at Chandrat

In observing Chandraat, rememer the significance of the Bibi Fatima tasbih.

One day Hazrat Bibi Fatima asked her father, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them and their progeny), if she could have a maidservant to help her, as her duties were onerous.

Prophet Muhammed replied: “O Fatima! I have granted you something that is superior to a maidservant and to the world and everything in it.”

He then bestowed her with the tasbih which today bears her name. The Prophet told his daughter to recite:
Allahu Akbar,
after every prayer and before going to bed.

Instead of providing her with the maidservant she had requested, the Prophet bestowed on his most beloved daughter a gift of immeasurable proportions – one that would help to make her stronger, increase her in courage and provide her with support way beyond simply that of the material and physical.

Recite the Bibi Fatima tasbih, silently or aloud, for strength, confidence and courage.

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