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US President Obama announces partnership with the Aga Khan Development Network 2014-09-23

President Barack Obama of the USA

The President announced a new, groundbreaking initiative to support and connect civil society across the globe through the launch of Regional Civil Society Innovation Centers, in partnership with the Government of Sweden and the Aga Khan Development Network. Over the next two years, up to six networked Regional Civil Society Innovation Centers will be created worldwide.

Hakims’ tombs regain glory-restoration work on Hakims' tombs being done by Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC) 2019-01-02

Workers giving final touches to the restoration work on Hakims’ tombs.— Photos: Mohd Azharuddin  2019-01-02

Hyderabad: A search for Hakims’ tombs in Google will take you to a monument in Pakistan! However, the little less known fact is that there are two such tombs in the heart of Hyderabad, located within the seven tombs complex.
The restoration work on Hakims’ tombs being done by Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC) is nearing completion and is expected to be thrown open for visitors soon, said Ganesh Reddy, Manager Operations for AKTC.

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The essential goal of global development has been to create and sustain effective nation states – coherent societies that are well governed, economically self-sustaining, equitable in treating their peoples, peaceful amongst themselves, and sensitive to their impact on planetary sustainability.

Obama makes good on his Cairo promise - 2010-04-26


“…I will host a Summit on Entrepreneurship this year to identify how we can deepen ties between business leaders, foundations and social entrepreneurs in the United States and Muslim communities around the world…”

If anyone would wish to know the exact form that President Barack Obama’s policy will take at the end of his regime, the preview is crystal clearly cast against his June 4, 2009 speech at Cairo.

Four Kenyans invited to Obama summit - 2010-04-20


Four Kenyans will be among those attending President Obama’s entrepreneurial summit set for between April 26 and 27 this year.

They include Mr Yusuf Keshavjee, Ms Rehema Jaldesa, Mr Salim Amin and Ms Nuria Farah.

The four were selected based on their innovative ideas and ability to promote entrepreneurship, their commitment to community service, and gender, geographic and urban/rural diversity.

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