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Ismaili volunteers serve orphanage 2019-06-05

Humanitarian aid. Volunteers from the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims, also known as the Ismailis, distributing food to orphans at th
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Young Ismaili Muslim volunteers on Saturday distributed, milk, soft drinks and a hearty meal to orphaned and vulnerable Muslim children living at the Kasangati Orphan Fans Society in Kawanda, Wakiso District.

“This work is part of the civil society support and engagement which we carry out in different parts of the country to promote the spirit of humanity as propagated by Islam. Today, we are distributing Iftar dinner for this orphanage, which houses 700 children.



In 1927, the torrential rains poured in Gujrat and Kathiawar. The towns and villages were almost submerged. The five brave officers of the volunteer corps, including Major Lakhpati, without least care of their business, family or lives, journeyed to the affected areas, riding horses or camels for many hours and visited every Ismaili family. They raised a relief fund for the stricken Ismailis and provided provisions for them. Imam Sultan Mohammed Shah decorated each of the officers with a meritorious medal for their invaluable services.

101 Ismaili Heroes - Volume 1 By Mumtaz Tajddin
Lakhpati, Abdullah Jaffer, Major

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