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‘the living sea’ and ‘among the giants’ by Prince Hussain Aga Khan 2019-10-04

‘the living sea’ – general view, in front of the light boxes
Friday, 2019, October 4



the living sea captures the fragility of our oceans with immersive underwater photography

currently on display in lisbon’s national museum of natural history and science, ‘the living sea’ and ‘among the giants’ is an exhibition of underwater photography captured by hussain aga khan. the installations, which have been designed by P-06 atelier, are created to transport visitors into the depths of the ocean, in an effort to highlight the fragility of our natural world when it is facing destruction by means of plastic pollution and the extinction of marine species.

the exhibition is divided by P-06 atelier into two rooms. the first, ‘the living sea’, provides an immersive sensation with a ‘dive’ simulation of hussain aga khan, to let the visitor feel the image as close to how it was made. on sand, five big light boxes, representative of each photographed animal, stand in a dark and blue environment. at the end, an installation made from thousands of suspended nylon threads and plastic waste on the ground, intend to alert to the danger of plastic pollution in the oceans.

the second part of the exhibition is titled ‘among the giants’ and comprises a white room, much like a typical art gallery setting. the space includes photos of humpback whales alongside quotes of the photographer while in the middle of the room, a replica of a humpback whale takes center stage. ‘in my photographs, I let animals and trees speak for themselves in the hope that other people will see the beauty I see.’ – hussain aga khan.

project info:

exhibition name: ‘the living sea’ and ‘among the giants’
location: national museum of natural history and science, lisbon, portugal
photo essay by: hussain aga khan
exhibition design by: P-06 atelier
dates: september 27 – december 29, 2019

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edited by: lynne myers | designboom

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