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  • Our fourth task is to make journalism a profession in the truest sense, to give it everywhere a status and a level of remuneration appropriate to its enormous responsibilities. Like teaching and nursing, journalism in too many areas today is a discredited profession at the very moment when its powers, and what the public expects of it, have risen to unprecedented heights.

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  • Our 46th Holy Imam Aqa Hassan Ali Shah Muhammad Hussein Al-Husseni, also known as "Mahellati" was born in A.H. 1219 in Mahellat in Iran. Also known as Aga Khan I, he ascended to the Masnad of Imamat in 1233 A.H. He was the Hakim of Kerman and the ruler of Mahellat.. In 1818 he was bestowed with the hereditary title of Aga Khan by the Shah of Persia - Fath Ali Shah. Aga Hassan Ali was on the throne of Imamat for 61 years and was the 3rd Imam to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee as Imam.. Imam Aqa Hassan Ali's Wafat occurred on April 12, 1881 at 9:45 PM

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