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A Note of Appreciation and Well Wishes from Prince Amyn Mohammed 1983-10-28

Tuesday, 2020, April 21
A Note of Appreciation and Well Wishes from Prince Amyn Aga Khan
Prince Amyn Muhammad Aga Khan

9 April 2020

Dear Staff and Volunteers,

A Note of Appreciation and Well Wishes

When we opened Don’t Ask Me Where I Am From one month ago, I did not realize how quickly
the measures for containing COVID-19 would come into place and how soon, thereafter, the
Museum would have to close to the public. I feel great sadness that we have had to close after
five and half years of continuous and I believe successful operations. My hope is that this crisis
will pass swiftly.

Our priority at this moment is to contain the virus, and keeping the Museum closed is part of this
effort. I do hope that you are keeping well throughout the crisis and have the time to look after
yourselves and your families. The world must be truly united in this one moment in time and
each of us has a role to play in containing the outbreak as best as we can.

As you may be aware, Management is providing a weekly update to the Board on the work that
you are doing during this period of closure. I am particularly pleased to hear of the work to keep
our audiences and donors engaged. The Museum Without Walls initiative is of great importance,
as its digital offerings bring our programs to those who find themselves isolated in their own
homes. I am happy to say that friends of mine have called me without any prompting to say how
much they are enjoying the current offering. Congratulations! It also, of course, extends our
educational activities. Likewise, the work being done to communicate to donors on a weekly
basis and with personal calls is equally necessary. Their support will undoubtedly play a crucial
role when we reopen, and keeping them informed of what we are doing during this time is vital.

With the changes in our timetables, I know that you are busy re-casting our program of
exhibitions and performances, and re-imagining our educational offerings.

I look forward to the moment we can re-open and welcome visitors back to our Museum. I do
believe that we will play an important role in the rebuilding of the heart and soul of society after
such a long period of isolation and worry. Until then, I wish you safety and good health.

Yours sincerely,

Prince Amyn Aga Khan

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