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President commends Aga Khan on investments in Uganda 2015-12-17

Thursday, 2015, December 17
Hazar Imam with President Museveni 2015-12-17

President Yoweri Museveni has commended His Highness theAga Khan and the Ismail community for their great contributions to the economic development of Uganda in the sectors of education and health, among others.

“I want to take this opportunity to salute His Highness the Aga Khan personally but also the Ismail community. These two have contributed extremely to the otherwise deficit of entrepreneurship in Uganda and East Africa. East Africa is a rich part of the world. We have a lot of natural resources. The Asian people, generally, have done a big job to the recovery of Uganda’s economy,” he said.

The President was this morning speaking at the ground-breaking ceremony for a multi billion shilling Aga Khan University Hospital that is expected to be built at Nakawa in Kampala.

The President said that an entrepreneur must have the spectacles to see any opportunity and utilise it to create wealth and jobs, adding that that is what Uganda lacks. He observed that the Ismail community has helped in fulfilling that deficit. Mr. Museveni further said that the Ismail community have helped Uganda in production of soap and cooking oil; two products that were previously smuggled to Uganda from other countries because Uganda lacked factories for producing them. He noted that the Aga Khan helped in the rehabilitation of Kampala Serena Hotel and also launched an airline that later folded, among other many projects.

Talking specifically on the Nakawa-based Aga Khan University Hospital project, Mr. Museveni noted that the project had delayed for quite a long period of time before being launched because of some obstructions but which the Aga Khan withstood and has succeeded. He apologized for the delay but at the same time expressed happiness that the project has finally taken off. He assured the Aga Khan of the government’s support towards the completion of the project.

The President also said that government is committed strengthening support to the manufacturing industry by ensuring removal of direct taxes levied on manufacturing organizations. He added that there is no need for direct tax on manufacturing concerns, as government will get tax from consumers who purchase manufactured goods. He strongly stressed that taxes should not interfere with manufacturing enterprises.

His Highness the Aga Khan thanked President Museveni for availing the land and for government’s support to the construction of the Aga Khan University Hospital. He noted that the President has availed to them one of the best sites located in the City of Kampala. He said the hospital will be built with great intensity of professional knowledge to ensure quality work with global standard.

The Aga Khan noted that the health care standard is changing each time adding that health care institutions in African should keep updated in modern science. He revealed that the establishment of the Aga Khan University Hospital in Uganda will go along way in availing knowledge and competence on sophisticated science. He stressed the need for Africa to have institutions that will assist the continent in the development of resources to the global standard.

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