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Nasir Khusraw

1003 - 1088

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13.0 Sayyidna Nasir Khusraw

Nasir Khusraw

"With an inner sight look at the World's mystery

The outward sight cannot discover it,

This world is the stair leading to the higher world

And we must mount its steps."

(Nasir Khusraw).

The great and-well-known lsmaili Missionary Hakim Nasir Khusraw was the celebrated medieval erudite poet, philosopher, traveller and Hujjat of Khurasan. Nasir Khusraw was one of the most important figures of llth century Iran - an era which has produced such men of prominence as Omar Khayyam, Hasan bin Sabbah. and al-Mua'yyid ash-Shirazi.

Ismaili Hero - Nasir Khusraw

Nasir Khusraw

Abu Mu'in Nasir B. Khusraw was born in the year 394 A.H. in the small town of Qubadiyan, situated not far from the city of Balkh in the province of Khurasan.
A well-known poet, traveller and philosopher, his works in prose included 'Provision for the Travellers', 'The Feast of the Brethren', 'The Face of Religion', 'Release and Deliverance' and 'Harmonisation of the Two Wisdoms'. The most well-known prose-work of Nasir-I-Khusraw is the SAFAR-NAMA or the 'Book of Travels', which is regarded as a model of classical Persian prose.

Forty Poems from the `Diwan'

Nasir Khusraw
Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  1977
Authors  Wilson, P. L.; G. R. Aavani.
Volume and Pages  PAGES: 144 pp.
Publisher  Imperial Iranian Academy of Philosophy
Place  Tehran
Key Words  English; Full Text Online

Transl. by P. L. Wilson and Gholam R. Aavani. ; DETAILS: Forty Poems from the `Diwan'. Transl. by P. L. Wilson and Gholam R. Aavani. Tehran: Imperial Iranian Academy of Philosophy, 1977. 144 pp.

Texts for Nasir Khusraw

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