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Has Kalki Already Appeared as ʿAlī? The Influence of Hindu Beliefs on the Nizārī Ismaili Khojas

Publication Type  Article
Year of Publication  2017
Date Published  2017
Authors  KUTLUTURK, Cemil
Original Publication  Journal of Shi‘a Islamic Studies Winter 2017 . Vol. X . No. 1
Volume  Vol X
Issue  No. 1
Publisher  Journal of Shi‘a Islamic Studies Winter 2017 . Vol. X . No. 1
Key Words  Ginan; Hindu-Muslim interaction; India; imamah; Nizārī Ismaili Khojas; Shi‘a; syncretism.

An Assessment Batiniyya In History Of Seljuk

Publication Type  Article
Year of Publication  2018
Date Published  2018
Authors  Bekman, Busranur
Alternate Title  Prof. Dr. Tufan Buzpınar at Istanbul Şehir University

Prof. Dr. Tufan Buzpınar

Key Words  Batinids; Seljuks; Hasan Sabbâh; Nazari Ismail; Batinids

Will Turkey's oldest library sweep Aga Khan prize? Read more: https://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2019/08/turkeys-oldest-

The renovated Beyazit State Library, Istanbul, Turkey

Standing in the heart of Roman Constantinople, next to Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar and its open air market of secondhand books and manuscripts, the Beyazit State Library demonstrates that a 19th-century Ottoman edifice can retain its character and still serve the public on a daily basis.

SPEECH BY HIS HIGHNESS THE AGA KHAN at the Award for Architecture in Istanbul - 1983-09-04

is Highness the Aga Khan addressing the audience at the Aga Khan Award for Architecture (AKAA) 1983 ceremony held at the Topkapi

Your Excellency The President, Your Excellencies, Honourable Ministers, Distinguished Guests.
Three years ago the first Aga Khan Architectural Awards were announced in the fabled Shalimar Gardens of Lahore.

Aga Khan Award for Architecture 1983 - 1983-05-26


Mowlana Hazar Imam and President Evren of Turkey on September 4, 1983 presented the 1983 Aga Khan Award for Architecture to 11 outstanding projects located in nine countries from Yugoslavia to Malaysia (See the photographs and project descriptions in the present issue of AFRICA ISMAILI). The winners share US $500,000 of prizes from the fund established by the largest architecture award programme in the world.



In 1980, the first Aga Khan Award for Architecture will be presented. Prior to that, five seminars are to be held to discuss various criteria and categories for the Award, as well as some of the other mundane aspects of its organization. Though this is the second seminar chronologically, it is the first one to be held in a country of the Islamic world, and I therefore attach particular regard to its participants and importance to its subject matter.

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