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University of Michigan and AKU to deepen ties 2021-06-18

University of Michigan and AKU to deepen ties
global.umich.edu Newsroom

The University of Michigan and Aga Khan University have agreed to deepen their collaboration across a range of academic and scientific initiatives to transform data science for global health.

Joseph Kolars, director of the U-M Center for Global Health Equity, and AKU Provost and Vice President Carl Amrhein signed an agreement between the two institutes during a virtual ceremony on June 18. U-M President Mark Schlissel and AKU President Firoz Rasul also attended the signing ceremony.

Proposal to Encode the Khojki Script in ISO/IEC 10646

Publication Type  Other Document
Year of Publication  2009
Authors  Pandey, Anshuman

From the Author:

I am writing to you in hopes of requesting you to post an item to your
ismaili.net website regarding my work on a Unicode standard for the
Khojki script, which was used to record the literature (ginans, etc) of
the Nizari Ismaili community of Sindh in South Asia.

My work on a Khojki standard for Unicode will enable the representation
of the script in the digital medium. Practically, this means that
Ismailis will be able to produce digital content in the script that was
originally used to record their literature. Secondly, my work will help
in the preservation of Khojki manuscripts.

My proposal to encode the Khojki script in Unicode is available at


I am interested in comments from the Ismaili community. After all, I
developed this project so that Ismailis may use technology to preserve
and expand their culture.

Best regards,

Anshuman Pandey
Department of History
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A.


University of Michigan, March 4, 2009


39 pages

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