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Saami rajo ave janghi dhol

Pir Sadardin
bhg2-032 - 600 Ginans published by: Recreation Club Institute, Bombay, Khoja Sindhi Printing Press, 1934

Eji Saami raajo aave jangi ddhol vajaave
chaudise chaanddhrunne hu-aa ... ...
re ho praanniaa kaayam jine aaradho
alakh purakhne ma visaaro -
shaahaa purakhne re sambhaaro
re ho praanniaa kaayam jine aaraadho 1

Eji Namanni-ne khamanni viraa hasi hasi milannaa,
kaam krodh doe taajo - re ho praanniaa 2

Eji Kaai dhan sancho viraa sonaa ne rupaa,
maal dhan huaddaa e biraanaa - re ho praanni-aa 3

Eji Kaachi teri kaayaa praanni gaantth gantthaanni,
an-se baandhi teri kaayaa - re ho praanni-aa 4

Eji Kaayaa nagri maanhe ek chor chhupe chhe,
chhupantaan kene nave ditthaa - re ho praanni-aa 5

Eji Paelaa lidhaa kott viraa nauv darvaajaa,
pachhe lidho kaayaa kero hans - re ho praanni-aa 6

Eji Luntti teri nagri viraa huire chobaari,
khetra khaddasalaa hu-aa - re ho praanni-aa 7

Eji Maatti re mittaddi maanhe riddi bhiddi jaayshe,
kalar khaayse teri deh - re ho praanni-aa 8

Eji Haaddakaare upar viraa bhaai pavan jarese,
jaa jaa varsegaa megh - re ho praanni-aa 9

Eji E ginaan mahaaras Pir bhannaave Sadardin,
e ginaan amiras ladhaa - re ho praanni-aa 10

Translation & Transcription

Saamee Raajo Aave Ja(n)gee Ddhol Vajaave - Translation A

Saami rajo ave janghi dhol


ejee saamee raajo aave ja(n)gee ddhol vajaave
chaudeese chaa(n)ddhrudde hu-aa
re ho praannee yaa kaayam jee aaradho
alakh purakh ne ma veesaaro - shaahaa purakh ne re sambhaaro
re ho praanneeyaa kaayam jeene aaraadho......................1

When the Lord the Master will arrive, the drums of the army will beat
and all the four directions will be radiant with the Light of the Moon
(the Imaam). Oh living or animate beings, adore or worship the

Saamee Raajo Aave Ja(n)gee Ddhol Vajaave - Translation B

Saami rajo ave janghi dhol


Pir Sadardeen

Our Master, the Ruler of the heavens and the earth is manifest

before us. He has made the declaration of His arrival and all corners of the world have been illuminated with brilliant light.

O mankind, worship that eternal Lord

Do not lose remembrance of that unperceivable Supreme Being

Remember that Lord, the soul of the universe

O mankind, worship that Eternal Lord. ...1

Be humble and tolerant, and meet with people

with a smile on your face.

At the same time refrain from anger and lust. ...2

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