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Saamee Raajo Aave Ja(n)gee Ddhol Vajaave - Translation B



Pir Sadardeen

Our Master, the Ruler of the heavens and the earth is manifest

before us. He has made the declaration of His arrival and all corners of the world have been illuminated with brilliant light.

O mankind, worship that eternal Lord

Do not lose remembrance of that unperceivable Supreme Being

Remember that Lord, the soul of the universe

O mankind, worship that Eternal Lord. ...1

Be humble and tolerant, and meet with people

with a smile on your face.

At the same time refrain from anger and lust. ...2

O my brother, why do you run after money, gold and silver?

Remember all the riches and goods will be useless to you

one day. ...3

O human being, your body, which is joined with the connection of bones, is unstable. The structure of your body is nothing but the result of your food. ...4

There is a thief, hiding in the dominion of your body.

However, nobody has seen him hiding there. ...5

First, this thief took the outer walls of the dominion

of the body, including its nine openings,

in his custody and then he took the life of the body

in his control. ...6

And lo! Your city is robbed, O my brother, and also it is ruined, making its farms deserted. ...7

Your dead body, the dust, will intermingle into the dust and it will be food for the worms. ...8

After that, O my eminent brother, there will be the blowing of the wind and abudant rainfall over your bones. ...9

Pir Sadardeen makes you hear this Ginan, which is abundant in essence. The essence of immortality is acquired through this Ginan. ...10

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