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Saamee Raajo Aave Ja(n)gee Ddhol Vajaave - Translation A


ejee saamee raajo aave ja(n)gee ddhol vajaave
chaudeese chaa(n)ddhrudde hu-aa
re ho praannee yaa kaayam jee aaradho
alakh purakh ne ma veesaaro - shaahaa purakh ne re sambhaaro
re ho praanneeyaa kaayam jeene aaraadho......................1

When the Lord the Master will arrive, the drums of the army will beat
and all the four directions will be radiant with the Light of the Moon
(the Imaam). Oh living or animate beings, adore or worship the
everliving entity. Do not forget the perfect and indescriptible Lord.
Remember the perfect and complete Imaam (and His guidances).
Oh living or animate beings, adore or worship the everliving...

[The beating of the drums and the radiance of the moon alludes
to the very evident nature of His arrival. At a personal level,
when the Lord enters the heart of a mureed, the experience is very clear
and there is no doubt about the authenticity or the veracity of the experience.
After the experience, the life of the mureed is enlightened by the Light of faith
and is on sirat-al- mustaqueem permanently.]

ejee namannee ne khamannee veeraa hasee hasee meelannaa
kaam krodh doe taajo - re ho praannee-aa.....................2

Through humility and patience, brothers, a great deal of happiness is attained.
Lust and anger are both eliminated as a result of the happiness.
[The joy of the higher eliminates the joys of the lower nature.]

ejee kaa(n)y dhan sa(n)cho veeraa sonaa ne rupaa
maal dhan huaddaa e beeraan - re ho praannee-aa..............3

Why do you hoard and accumulate wealth including gold and silver?
Oh brothers! All the riches and possessions will be ruined ultimately.

ejee kaachee teree kaayaa praannee gaa(n)tth ga(n)tthaannee
an-nase baa(n)dhee teree kaayaa - re ho praannee-aa..........4

O living being, your body is raw (unstable, it will perish in a short while)
and it is bound and woven intricately(by the various systems internally).
It is fuelled by the nourishment of the food.

ejee kaayaa nagaree maa(n) ek chor ddhu(n)ke(chhupe) chhe
ddhu(n)kataa(n) kene nave deetthaa - re ho praannee-aa.......5

In the town of your body, there is a thief (angel of death),
moving very discretely. Because of the discrete nature of the movements,
no one has been able to perceive it.

ejee pahelaa leedhaa kott veeraa nav darvaajaa
pachhe leedho kaayaa kero ha(n)saa - re ho praannee-aa.......6

(This is how the process of natural death occurs through the angel of death)
At first it will steal the hut(bodily cage), i.e., it will make it weak and
incapable to perform it's normal tasks. Then it will gradually render the nine
opening viz-a-viz two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, mouth, anus, penis (vagina) inactive.
Then finally it will take away the soul of the body.

ejee lu(n)ttee teree nagaree veeraa huire chobaaree
khetra khaddasalaa hu-aa - re ho praannee-aa.................7

Through plunder, your town, brother, has been changed to a desert.
The productive land has become barren.

ejee maattee meettaddee maa(n)he reeddee bheeddee jaayshe
kalar khaayshe teree dehaa - re ho praannee-aa...............8

Your body will mix with dust (after being buried) and the flesh
will be eaten away by the saltish soil.

ejee haaddakaare upar viraa maaraa pavan jareshe
zaa zaa varasegaa meghaa - re ho praannee-aa.................9

My brothers, wind will blow over the bones and the
rain will fall upon them regularly.

ejee e geenaan mahaaras peer bhannaave sadardeen
e geenaan ameeras ladhaa - re ho praannee-aa................10

This 'geenaan' which is full of great nector (nourishment of the soul -
knowledge and wisdom), is taught by Peer Sadardeen. In this 'geenaan'
we have found 'ameeras', holy water (water of life).

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