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Marna hay jarur

Bibi Imaam Begum
bhg4-097 - 600 Ginans published by: Recreation Club Institute, Bombay, Khoja Sindhi Printing Press, 1934

Eji Marnaa hai re jarur
jug maanhe chetine chaalo...marnaa - (dodh)

Eji Kaayaare gaddh taaro khukh banyo hai
paanch tantav enu mull..jug maanhe 1

Eji Kaayaa nagri maanhe hai man raajaa
chaitan noor maanhe noor...jug maanhe 2

Eji Noor svarupi chaitan kari jaanno
kaayaa maayaa sarve kudd...jug maanhe 3

Eji Kaayaa nagri maanhe paanch chor vase chhe
tame cheti chaalo man mudd...jug maanhe 4

Eji Kaayaa nagari me ek bhae chhe bhaari
ek din kaal kare chakchur...jug maanhe 5

Eji Karo hushiyaari Sat Gur chetaave
tame naam lio nirmal nur....jug maanhe. 6

Eji Daan sakhaavat hardam kije
khamiyaa dayaa enu mull....jug maanhe 7
Eji Kahet Imaam Begam suno mere bhaai
tame rahejo Sat Gur ke hujur...jug maanhe. 8

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Translation & Transcription

Marnaa Haire Jarur - Translation

Marna hay jarur


ejee marnaa haire jarur

jug maa(n)he chetine chaalo...marnaa

ejee kaayaare gaddh taaro khub ba(n)yo hai

paa(n)ch tantav enu mull..jug maa(n)he.......................1

You will have to die for certain, therefore be mindful in whatever you do. The fort of your body is well built. Five elements (fire, water, air, dust and soul) are it's foundations or five five virtues (patience, truth, faith, forgiveness and remembrance).

ejee kaayaa nagree maa(n)he hai man raajaa

chaitan nur maa(n)he nur...jug maa(n)he......................2

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