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The Genealogy of the Imams since Creation based on the Ghat Pat-ni Dua written by Pir Sadardin (1300-1400 AD)

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1) A MUST READ. This "Volume 1: Basis of the Ismaili Doctrine" by Nargis Mawjee explores in depth the Ismaili doctrine + the genealogical tree of the Ismaili Imams since the creation as recorded by Pir Sadardin in his Asal Ghat Pat ni Dua, the 3 time daily prayer recited by Ismailis during 6 centuries in jamatkhana until 1957.

2) The complete and detailed Genealogical Chart of the Imams gives not only names of Imams and their families from the time of Hazrat Ali but of the Imams and prophets before Hazrat Ali reaching back to Prophet Adam up to the Das Awatars of Imam Ali up to the Creation itself with unbroken line spanning incalculable earth years. The main purpose of the Genealogy is to show that Imâmat has never been absent from the world to guide the people to reach their destination. Additional information is inserted under most names appearing in the genealogical chart and there is a separate index of names for the chart.

3) We find also in the book fully expanded doctrinal and historical accounts of Imams' and prophets' and Pirs' lives, with numerous grand declarations made by them jougs after jougs. The author has taken her references from primary sources. Pictures & drawings give life to her book. In the field of Ismaili Studies, this is a most welcome addition, unique by its content and unique by its depth.

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