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Asal Dua; Ghat Pat Dua; Imamat; Imam; Genealogy; Ismaili; Aga Khan; Adam; Jesus; Mary; Boudh; Mehraj; Grand Declarations; Ghadir al-Khumm; farman; Angel Gabriell; Fatima; Moses; Noah; Khidr; Moses; Muhammad

The Genealogy of the Imams since Creation based on the Ghat Pat-ni Dua written by Pir Sadardin (1300-1400 AD)

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1) A MUST READ. This "Volume 1: Basis of the Ismaili Doctrine" by Nargis Mawjee explores in depth the Ismaili doctrine + the genealogical tree of the Ismaili Imams since the creation as recorded by Pir Sadardin in his Asal Ghat Pat ni Dua, the 3 time daily prayer recited by Ismailis during 6 centuries in jamatkhana until 1957.

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