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Speech by Princess Zahra at Institutional Dinner in Karachi 2017-12-26

Tuesday, 2017, December 26
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Princess Zahra speaking at the Dinner for the AKU Board of Trustees  2017-12-26
Princess Zahra Aga Khan

Speech by Princess Zahra at the Dinner organized by the National Council of Pakistan for the AKU Board of Trustees

Coming out of the last two days, I was actually on the phone with my brother this evening and Rahim and I were saying who could have guessed when we were 14 and 15 in 1985 where AKU would be today and what this institution has become.

It’s humbling and amazing to see, and I think that amongst the many things we discussed over the last two or three days, the movement and the concrete, intellectual movement into a liberal arts institution for this country and around the world, is something which I think should inspire us. And I speak for me and my children, and I hope my grandchildren, when I say this is an incredibly huge step for our institution.

But also I know that we have many colleagues in the room, I see institutional faces who are very familiar and as part of this mosaic of AKDN, I would say that one piece alone is not in itself an institution. It’s the assembly of all the pieces that is greater than the whole. And this mosaic that we all contribute to and work for is a wonderful thing and I am very proud to be here with all of you to celebrate all the achievements and all of the steps that we take every day in the development of Pakistan and other countries.

And I want to thank you for being here and for sharing this evening with us. And thank you President Hafiz, National Council of Pakistan and all of you for your company and your friendship and for your support

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/MRrL5COdTUk?t=2310

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