Le Si'isme au IXe s. à travers l'histoire de Ya'qubi

L'article par Yves Marquet est en Francais. Vous pouvez le lire en cliquant ci-dessous sur le lien en format PDF. (1ere partie de l'article: page 1 - 45)

This is an article in French by Yves Marquet.. The article is about Ya'Qubi (d.897AD), a geographer, historian and author of Shia/Ismaili persuasion who was writing at the second half of the ninth Century, that is before the advent of the Fatimids.

The author gives several anecdotes involving mainly Hazrat Ali, the Imam and 4th Caliph. He explains that the Caliphate needed Ali, not the opposite. He gives the quality that would justify that Hazrat Ali should have been first Caliph and shows his rejections of the first 3 Caliphs. his love for Ali's sons Hasan and Hussein and the events of Karbala.

Hazrat Ali's supernatural powers are also referenced and Yaqubi does not hide his religious affiliation as he talks openly of the Imam as Quaim present at all times on earth.

Obviously some references to the Ikhwan al Safa as the author is a known specialist of the Ikhwan al Safa in modern times and a prolific writer on that subject.

The description of the Imam goes beyond the material aspect. Prophet Muhammad's declaration of Ali at Gadir e Khum and its meaning is discussed. The battle of Siffin takes some place in the analysis and so does the Quran which the author says, was compiled by Hazrat Ali in 4 parts. Something that Mowlana Muhammad al Baqir had confirmed in his Ummul Kitab, saying the 4th part was missing. There are some parts on the symbolism in the Quran.

Overall a fascinating article by Marquet for the French speaking reader.

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