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3. In Praise of the Prophet

I choose

the Quran

and the Faith of Muhammad

for those

where the choices

of Muhammad himself;

I know

if I practise the two

my Certainty

will become

as the Certitude

of the Prophet.

My key

to Paradise - my guide

to Felicity

the fortified Citadel:

what are they but

the Religion of Muhammad:

For us

he is the Messenger

of God - such

was the carving

on the seal-ring

of the Prophet.

Rooted in my heart:

the Faith

and the Book

as firmly

as in the heart

of Muhammad.

By God s Grace

my hope, my prayer

is to be

the least

of servants in the Community

of Muhammad.

My brother,

in the sea-depths

of religion

the Quran

is the pearl beyond price

of the Prophet;

every king

owns a treasure

of Mohammad.

Now look

to these riches,

this pearl:

who now

is custodian

of Muhammad s legacy?

You yourself

would bequeath your wealth

to your children;

just so are his children

the guardians

the heirs of the Prophet.

Ponder well:

you Muslims

will not fine

the jewels

but in keeping

of Muhammad s progeny.

Surely he handed

all down to him

who was


of all Companions

of the Prophet.

Who was he,

the Companion?

his Wife

was the delight

of the eye

of Muhammad

and from this delight

and this Companion

were born


and Husayn, the darlings

of Muhammad.

I have seen

in both worlds

the reality

of Husayn

and Hasan: the rose

and jasmine of the Prophet;


in heavcn and earth

could such blossoms spring

but in the garden

from the soil

of Muhammad?

I dare not

I tremble

lest I prefer

any creature

above these beloved ones

of God s Prophet.

The Book,

and the Sword

of the Lion of God:

these are bulwarks

beneath the firm Faith

of Muhammad.

Who stood

sword drawn

in every battle

who stood

at the right hand

of the Prophet?

The Sword of Ali

lent its aid

to the Quran

and Ali no doubt

was the Help

of Muhammad.


in Islam

as Aaron to Mosses:



of the Prophet;

on the Last Day

Aaron and Moses

shall kiss

the Mantle of Ali,

the sleeve

of Muhammad.

Seek knowledge

he bid us

even in China :

Ah! What praise are mine

in the China

of Muhammad.

I heard

from the heir

of the Prophet

the honeysweet

words, the Sayings

of Muhammad;

my heart beheld

a mystery revealed

from the Origin

to Ali s heart

through the Prophecy

of Muhammad

and learned

from the babes of Fatimah

and her husband

the true


of the Prophet.


I could have gained

no more than I gained

from that

illustrious child

of the Rank of Muhammad


I could have gained

no more

had I lived

myself in the time

of Muhammad.

The Creator

of the Universe Himself

praise me

for my love

of Ali, my blessings

on the Prophet

and with the Blessing

of the Lord

of the Worlds

I dwell

in the Stronghold

of Muhammad.

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