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P. Dar Bayaane Sabar Va Shukar - Patience And Gratitude

khush khabaree dee-o aap jeev, jab saburee keetee;
jees ba(n)dene sabar kee-aa, teese fateh rabane deetee;
khaalak-kee sab khalkat jaanee, koee dukh deve to sabar karanaa;
to usathee tu(n) sahee jeete, aysaa maname(n) dharanaa..........207

Give glad tidings to your soul, when you have exercised patience. The creature that has been patient, has been granted success by the Lord. Knowing the Creator's entire creation, if anyone does harm, be patient. Then through that, you will truly win over him. Keep this in your mind.

saburee teree tuj fateh deve, jeese keesee upar aave balaa;
jo vae saburee kare to usaku(n) fateh deve, bujo aap allaah;
saburee karanhaarku(n) rab dost raakhe, aap rab kare a(n)t peeyaar;
ba(n)daa bhalaa vae jo saburee kare, to katthan velaa rab hove usakaa yaar....208

Your patience will give you success. This applies to anyone upon whom calamities befall. The one who exercises patience, to him success is granted by God. The Lord befriends the one who is patient, his Lord loves him very dearly. Noble is the creature who is patient, then in difficult times, the Lord becomes his friend.

fakeer kaamal sa(n)g jo baettho, to shukar kare adakeraa;
fakeereeme(n) to shukar karanaa, sa(n)gat sheekho vae saveraa;
fakeeru(n) ku(n) sabar karanaa, sab haal meene shukaraanaa;
sakhtee naramee e sab nyaamat, rabase peechhaanaa...............209

If you seat in the company of a perfect renunciant, than be very grateful. In the ascetic state be grateful, learn about gratitude in this company. The renunciants are patient, in every situation they are grateful. Whether circumstances are favourable or not, they regard all these as boons derived from the Lord's grace.

sakhtee chheepaannee moman bhaaee, jo kuchh aap upar beete;
e muravat neeshaanee moman keree, or ehee sabarkee reet;
momeen upar aave jo sakhtee, so sabarse chheepaave;
to khudaaekee dargaahme(n) saburee badale, bohot ajar paave.....210

Do not reveal your difficulties, o momin brothers, that which befall upon you. This is the sign of the modesty of a momin, and it is the way of patience. If calamities befall upon a believer, he hides them through patience. Then in the presence of God, in return for patience, he attains great rewards.

bohot sakhtee jees upar aave, sach us par hove aasaaneekee aan,
ke sakhtee peechhe hae aasaanee, e nuktaa kalaam rabaaneese peechhaan;
momanku(n) jo sakhtee paho(n)che, to use peechhe sahee hove aasaanee;
to duneeyaame(n) jeene kasannee sahee, vo aakabatme(n) hove jan-nat makaanee.........211

If great calamities come upon someone, then in truth this person has earned peace. For after calamities there is peace, know this as a teaching from the Lord. If calamities hit a believer, then truly after that there will be peace. If a person undergoes tribulations in this world, he will have an abode of paradise in the hereafter.

deelakee daaru jo chaaho, to raajee raho rabakee keezaa;
narmee sakhtee jo kuchh paho(n)che, to kaho ham raajee jeeyu(n) tumaaree razaa;
deelku(n) dukh ye jo maal meheree putar dhee-aa, e sabaku(n) haajar chaave;
okhad e jo e sab rabakaa, rab chaahe raakhe chaahe utthaave.....212

If you desire the cure for the anguish of the heart, then remain happy in the Lord's obedience(religious duties). If to anyone tribulations reach, then say: "I am happy with whatever is Your wish". The heart's sorrow is derived from excessive attachment to wealth, assets, sons and daughters and the want to have them present all the time. All is in the power and control of the Lord. If the Lord wishes, He retains and if He wishes, He takes away.

kharaab haal jo moman deese, bhukhaa dunee-aa maa(n)hee;
khudaa-eke najadeek use eej-jat ghanneree, vahaa(n) vo kharaab naa(n)hee;
fakeeruku(n) eej-jat khudaae paase, jo ees duneeyaame(n) hae kharaab;
dunee-aakaa to etbaar nahee, e to fanaah hove sheetaab..........213

If a believer sees bad condition and the hungry in the world, then those are the ones who have great dignity near God, there they are not considered bad. The dignity of the renunciants is with God, if in this world they are considered bad. There is no reliance on this world, it will vanish quickly.

jeene aap tanku(n) vaaraa, rab zaad vase us man saaree;
e bhalaa hae usathee, jo laal maannak pehene or pehene kapadde zarataaree;
khudaa to nee-at ne deel dekhe, na dekhe surat or libaas;
atalas pahene to keeyaa huvaa, or keeyaa huvaa jo pehene karabaas......214

The ones who have controlled their bodies, the remembrance of the Lord resides in their hearts entirely. They are better than the ones who adore themselves with rubies and jewels and who wear expensive clothes. God sees the intentions and the heart, He does not see the face or the clothing. So what if one wears silk clothing and so what if one wears high quality (designer!) clothes.

aachhaa khaasaa aysaa aaraam paa-o, jo tum raakho man tthekaanne;
halaal kamaaees rab rozee deve, aap man sa(n)tokho usee pahenane khaanne;
aap manthee paap jutth neekaalo, na karo tume paapkaa khoj;
to adakaa tolanne velaa hove, tumaaree nekeekaa boj.............215

You will attain such real and perfect rest, if you keep your mind(lower self) under control. The Lord gives you your livelihood after lawful earning. Keep your mind contented by clothing and consuming this lawful income. Remove sin and falsehood from your minds, and do not seek sinfulness. Then at the time of weighing (on the day of judgement), the weight of your good deeds will be more(than your sins).

teree rozee tujaku(n) ddhu(n)ddhe, tu(n) aap man kar aaraam;
ek ek daanne par leekhaa hae, so khaanevaalekaa naam;
jees daanne teraa naam leekhaa hae, vahee aave tere mukh;
laakh karodd jo tu(n) hae sha(n)gare, so fogatt karanaa hae dukh........216

Your livelihood is seeking you, keep your mind at rest. Upon every grain is written the name of the consumer. The grain upon which your name is written, will come to your mouth. The millions that you hoard, will be useless and will make you unhappy(if not spent for the right cause).

khudaa har ek-kee rojeekaa jaameen hae, e hadeesh shaahe mardaan;
ba(n)daa tu(n) kaa(n)e rojee haraam ddhu(n)ddhe, rozee tuje deve aap rahemaan;
jo aadmee hove keesee kaamkaa jaameen, to usakaa tuje aave yakeen;
to yakeen keeyu(n) nahee rakhataa hae rab upar, ke rojeekaa jaameen hae rab-bal aalameen...........217

God is the surety for the livelihood of every single person, this is said by Hazarat Aly. O creature, why do you seek unlawful means(rojee), your means are given to you by your Merciful. If a person is a surety of certain work, then you will have complete trust upon him. Then why don't you have complete trust on the Lord, who is the surety of your means, and is the Lord of the worlds.

rab upar jo yakeen kare, ke jeene muje kee-aa hae paedaa;
to rojee muje vohee deve, jo sabaku(n) hae rojee detaa;
to us ghar neet mehemaanee raheve, aap khaave oraku deve bhat-taa;
usakee ho(n)ddee neet josh kare, sadaa raheve usakaa chulaa tataa(garam).......218

If a person has complete trust upon the Lord, who is the one "who has created me". " Then my means will be given by Him, who is the Provider for all." Then for such a person there is always a guest at his house, he eats himself and gives the other person food to take away. His cooking vessel will always be productive, and his cooker will always remain hot.

maradakee eej-jat us meene hae jo meele us upar kare sa(n)tosh;
ghar ghar ddhu(n)ddhataa na feere, apanee eej-jat na khove fok;
jeene rojee deetee so eej-jat bee deve, jo us rojee tum karo aaraam;
jeene us rojee aaraam kee-aa, une eej-jat paaee or baddayaa naam.........219

The dignity of a man lies in that, which when given to him, makes him contented. He does not keep wandering around seeking house after house for his needs. He does not lose his dignity making it null and void. The one who has given the means of livelihood will also give the dignity if you rest in that livelihood. The one who rests in that livelihood, has attained dignity and ennobled his name.

jo tuje meele so bohot kar jaanno, to saaree umar karo baadshaahee;
jeene jo meelaa so thoddaa ghannaa kee-aa, une saaree umar gam-me(n) gamaaee;
sukh dukh beeke ees dunee-aa baazaar, sukh chhodd kaa(n)e dukh mul leaate;
ke aap keesmat nahi raajee rahete, keesamatse adakaa huaa chaahaate.....220

If you receive anything, regard it as a great grace, then for your entire life you will live as a king. The one who receives anything and regards it as little, has indeed spent his entire life complaining. In this shopping street(mall) of the world, happiness and sadness is sold. Abandoning happiness why due you go and buy unhappiness. You are not satisfied with your fate, your desire is more than your fate.

jo koee rojee reejak paayaa, or aafeeyat paayaa apanee jaat;
to pure bhaag usake bhaaee, jo shukar kare vae deen or raat;
ba(n)daa ek chaakarku(n) khaanaa deve, so neet utth usase chaahaave chaakaree;
sarjanhaar to shukar chaahaave, khush aave use shaakaree........221

If anyone has attained the means to his livelihood, and has attained health for himself, then he has perfect fortune brother, if he is grateful day and night. If a creature gives a servant food, then he expects service in return. But the Creator expects thanks, and He becomes happy when you are grateful.

rabakee nyaamat shukar karanaa, jo na kare to beegaadde apanee nyaamat;
ke aap maal vae na sa(n)tokhe, hardam chaahaave maal kasarat;
ke maal muje hove adakeraa, sab dunee-aa maal meele muj;
ees feekarthee na khaave na pehene, ees havaathee umarakaa deevaa jaa-e buj..........222

Be grateful for the boons of the Lord. If a person does not, then his blessings will get corrupt. He is not satisfied with his own wealth, every moment he seeks more wealth. He says, "my wealth should be more, and I should get the wealth of the entire world". With such thoughts he does not eat nor cloth himself. With this wind(of greed), the light of his life is extinguished.

nyaamat paaee ne shukar na kee-aa, to naashukaree nyaamatku(n) le jaayasee;
nyaamat paaee tab na cheteeyaa, to nyaamat gaee peechhe pastaayshee;
haeeyaat duneeyaa nyaamat to fal deve, jo shukar eebaadat keen;
jo e na kare to jeene deetee haeeyaatee, so leve haeeyaatee been fal chheen................223

If one attained the boons and did not thank for them, then the ingratitude will take away the blessings. If one does not take heed when one attains the blessings, then when the blessings cease, he will regret it. In this life and material existence, the blessings will yield fruit, if one practices prayers and gratitude(in the foam of seva and charity). If one does not do so, then the one who gave life will take it away without any fruits.

sab gam peechhe hae khushee-aalee, or daaru(n) hae sab dukhanneku(n);
sab sakhatee peechhe hae aasaanee, samajaa-o deel apanneku(n);
dunee-aa ba(n)deekhaanaa hae momanku(n), or kaafarku(n) hae jan-nat tthaam;
moman dunee-aa sakhtee badale, a(n)t paaesee huraa(n) kasar jan-nat mukaam.....224

After every sorrow there is a joyous occasion, and there is a remedy for all unhappy situations. After every difficulty there is rest and calm, make this understood to your hearts. The world is a prison for a believer, and it is a paradise for an infidel. For the worldly tribulations, a momin will attain an abode of paradise.

nek aadamee jo dukh paayaa, to jaano rahemat rabane bhejee;
or faasak jo dukh paayaa, to karatukase balaa us upar aaee;
ayub nabeekaa dukhaddaa rahemat, jo keedde padde saare a(n)g;
feeraun ddubaa ees balaa, jo laddataa thaa musaa nabeeke sa(n)g.........225

If a virtuous person has experienced tribulation, then know that the Lord has sent His mercy. And if a sinner has experienced tribulations, then it is the result of his bad actions. The tribulations of Prophet Ayub were a mercy, ants were all over his body due to a certain decease. The sinking of Firaaun was a curse, for he fought against Hazarat Musa.

man vaar karo jeene dukh dee-aa, so kheejal hoesee damo dam;
tu(n) man vaar kar vae kheejal hoesee, teraa kuchh na hoesee kam;
jeene dukh dee-aa so sharamee(n)daa hoesee, jo tu(n) bahot kare man vaar;
e baat suno leekho seene paattee, farmaayaa shaahe naamdaar.....226

Do not keep it in your mind if someone harms you, for he will be disgraced and ashamed every breath. If you disregard it, he will be ashamed, and you will have nothing to do with that. The one who has harmed you will be ashamed if you disregard it all the time. Listen to this, record it in your hearts, says Hazarat Aly.

gus-saa daayam aap man khaanaa, or upar gus-saa na karee-e;
gus-saa daaj manme(n) bujaa-o, khudaake gus-sese ddaree-e;
eemaam husenke mo(n)ho mubaarak par, baa(n)dee haathase paddee garam aash;
gus-saa sab aap man khaayaa, farmaayaa tu(n) aazaad baash.......227

Always swallow the anger from your mind, do not be angry upon anyone. Extinguish the fire of anger from your heart, and fear the wrath of God. A slave poured hot porridge upon the face of Hazarat Imam Husein. He swallowed all anger for her in his mind, and said instead, "You are free".

gus-saa na karee-e dheeraj dharee-e, sabaro tofeek karee-e rafeek;
shukar khudaaekaa saathee karee-e, to khudaa tumaaraa hove shafeek;
e tan man teraa to sukh paave, jo haradam shukar karo tum aadat;
shukar saburee aadat huee jeesakee, kabul huee usakee eebaadat..228

Do not be angry and have patience, befriend patience and contentment. Make gratitude towards God your companion, then God will be your helper. This body and mind will attain peace, if at all times you have the habit of thanks giving. The one who has the habit of thanks giving and patience, has his/her prayer accepted.

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