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Maal Khajeena Bohotaj Bhareeyaa - Translation A



ejee maal khajinaa bohotaj bhariyaa, us me(n) nahi(n) kuchh teraa
ra(n)g mahol sab bhul jaaesi, ja(n)gal hoesi dderaa

kiyaa ni(n)d sove man meraa
shaahaa samarann ki vellaa, mawlaa samarann ki vellaa
kiyaa ni(n)d sove man meraa..................................1

Though you may have filled many treasuries with riches, there is nothing there of yours. Your lovely palaces will all be forgotten, and the jungle will be your abode.

Why are you sunk in slumber, O my mind(heart)? It is the time to remember the Lord, it is the time to remember the Master. Why are you sunk in slumber, o my heart?

ejee sir par kaal phire sa(n)t saadhu, ab tu(n) chet savellaa
is vellaa maa(n)he jo tu(n) bhul jaaesi,
to bahot khaaesi pheraa.....kiyaa ni(n)d sove................2

Death hovers over your head, o pious and holy one, so now be alert in time. If at this time you forget, you will suffer many cycles.

ejee aa re sa(n)saar sakall hae jutthaa, mat jaanno hae meraa
chhodd bharam tame baraham vichaaro,
to khoj a(n)tar ghatt teraa...kiyaa ni(n)d sove..............3

This world is wholly false, so do not think it is yours. If you abandon delusion and reflect on the Divine, then search inside your heart.

ejee jot parakaash lije ghatt a(n)dar, gur binaa ghor a(n)dheraa
kahe pir gulamali shaahaa samarann kar le
samaj samaj man meraa...kiyaa ni(n)d sove....................4

Take His light and radiance into your heart, for all is pitch darkness without the Guide. Pir Ghulam Ali Shah says: practise remembrance. Understand this, o my heart, understand this.

Translation taken form Zawahir Moir's Ismaili Hymns.

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