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In Press
Ali b. Hanzala, Poonawala, Ismail K. , (In Press)
Ali b. Muhammad, Poonawala, Ismail K. , (In Press)
Al-Sijistani and his Kitab al-Maqalid., Poonawala, Ismail K. , Brill, p.PAGES: Pp. 274-283, (In Press)
Culture and memory in the medieval Islam , Ismail K Poonawala , (2003) Abstract    Download:  Book_review_The_Early_History_of_Ismaili (3).pdf 
Chhatris Kror - An Unpublished Granth, Ismail, Dr. Shiraz , (1990)
In Mémoriam A.A.A. Fyzee 1899-1981, Poonawala, Ismail K. , p.SERIES: IJMES ; VOLUME: XIV ; PAGES: 418, (1982)
Bibibliography of Ismaili Literature. Studies in Near Eastern Culture and Society, Poonawala, Ismail K. , Malibu, Calif, p.PAGES: xix and 533 pp., (1977)
Isma'ili Sources for the History of South West Arabia., Poonawala, Ismail K. , Riyadh, p.SERIES: Studies in the History of Arabia ; VOLUME: Vol. I, pt. 1 ; PAGES: Pp. 151-159, (1977)
An Ismaili Refutation of al-Ghazali., Poonawala, Ismail K. , (1976)
A Reconsideration of al Qadi al-Numan's Madhhab, Poonawala, Ismail K. , (1974)
Al-Qadi al-Numan's Works and the Sources, Poonawala, Ismail K. , p.SERIES: B.S.O.A.S. ; VOLUME: XXXVI, (1973)
Ali b. Muhammad al-Wali dai Mutlaq des Ismailiens du Yémen, Poonawala, Ismail K. , p.SERIES: Der Islam ; VOLUME: XLVI ; PAGES: pp.10-102, (1970)
Al Qadi An-Nu'man: al Urjuza al-Mutahara, Poonawala, Ismail K. , Montréal, (1970)
La vérité sur la Syrie, Poonawala, Ismail K. , Druzes, p.PAGES: pp. 483 ff., (1861)

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