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Shii Studies Review 3

Publication Type  Book
Year of Publication  2019
Authors  Ehud Krinis
Key Words  Judaism – shiism – Ismāʿīlīs – al-Andalus – messianism – Kalām – neoplatonism – mysticism – Yemen

So far Jewish-Shīʿī Studies have failed to receive clear and wide recognition from the
community of scholars of both Jewish and Shīʿī Studies. In an effort to substantiate
the case for clearer and wider scholarly recognition of Jewish-Shīʿī Studies, the present
article provides a survey of the state of art of these studies, especially regarding the
period of the 1st /7th-7th/13th centuries. While the survey testifies to the diversity and
the manifold directions included in this field of studies, the article also addresses the
question of what can be considered the unique features in Jewish-Shīʿī affinities.

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