1550 CE Persian miniature painting, depicting the Prophet Muhammad ascending on the Burak into the Heavens, a journey known as the Miraj

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This page attempts to compile content related to Mehraaj: The Spiritual Ascent of the Holy Prophet Muhammad.

In the Qur’an, the most direct reference to the Mi‘raj is found in the first verse of Surah al-Isra, which reads:

Glory be to (Allah) who took His servant on a night journey from the Sacred place of prayer to the Furthest place of prayer, the precincts of which We did bless, so that We may show him some of Our signs. Surely (Allah) is the All-Hearing, All-Seeing.

Moman Tchetamni - Selected verses for Mehraj

102) Eji Nabi Mohammed ne shahe maeraj te raviaa
Tyan dithi te kudrat aapar
Tare farman aaviyo Ali janab thi
Tame chinta ma karo lagaar Cheto....

102. When Prophet was called on (experienced) Meraj, he saw many wonderful
things and Hazrat Ali made a Farman to him not to worry.

103) Eji Tam ghar farzand bibi Fatima
Teno am pase che bharthar
Te kul tamari mahain avtariya
Te Abu Talib ne gher avtar Cheto....

103. I have chosen a husband for your daughter, Bibi Fatima, who has come
to you through Abu Talib's lineage.

104) Eji Te roop amaroon jaanjo
Te Mowla Murtaza Ali avtar

N. Dar Bayaane Ba(N)Dagee Va Nekee - Servanthood And Purity

namaaz karate jo kaahelee kare, use eemaan thoddaa;
dunee-aame(n) to bohot lobhaayaa, aakabat kaam chhoddaa;
namaaz ba(n)dageese kaahelee kare, or kare duneeyaa dha(n)dhaa;
to us upar eemaan nahee, jeeskaa hae tu(n) ba(n)daa.............161

The one who delays in performing prayers, is deficient in his Faith. In this world many have fallen into temptation and have abandoned the work of hereafter. The one who delays in performing his prayer and servanthood and instead involves himself in worldly work, has no Faith upon the One whose creature you are.


The word miraj is derived from uruj means to ascend. The Koran (70:4) says, "To Him ascend the angels and soul" (taruljul malaikatu war'ruhi ilaihi), and in 97:4: "Angels and soul (from Him) descend (tanz'zalul malaikatu wa'ruhi), and also in 70:3: "Lord of the ways of ascent" (minal'lahi zil ma'arij).

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