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Pahelore naam saheb jo


Jire bhaai re paylo re naam saaheb jo vado lije,
bhaai dhan dhan rayann viyaanni - ho jire bhaai 1

Jire bhaai anbar ne dharti Shaah moro
tribhovar sarjiyaa,
bhaai re vann-re thanbhe aasmaan - ho jire bhaai 2

Jire bhaai chandra suraj Shaah more
dipak sirjiyaa,
te laine dhariyaa aasmaan - ho jire bhaai 3

Jire bhaai ek anopam (sundar) Shaah more
dhamlaa dhaari sarjiyaa,
te dharti ko thannbha-haar haar - ho jire bhaai 4

Jire bhaai ek intt-j me Shaah moro
mahedni sariji,

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