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33.0 Tamim b. al-Mu'izz (d. 374 H.)

Prince Tamim was the son of Imam Mu'izz. He was born in Mansuriyya in 337 H. Since his brother Aziz was to become the next Imam, he devoted his life to poetry and cultural pursuits. Both at Mansuriyya and Cairo he wrote poems of beauty and elegance. His poetry is marked for its plaintive character and for the depth of feeling for the Sunni rivals. Some examples of Jamim's poems are cited by Hasan Ibrahim Hasan in his book on Imam Mu'izz.

Besides these, much of the literary output of the time was the work of the da'is. The new distinct culture which was heralded by the Fatimids was mainly the creation of the dai's.

Tamim b. al-Muizz.

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