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Interview of Aga Khan after Harzand wins Epsom Derby 2016-06-04

Saturday, 2016, June 4
At the Races
H.H. The Aga Khan brings in the Derby winner

Interview of Hazar Imam after the win by Harzand at Epsom Derby


Reporter: I am joined by His Highness the Aga Khan. Your Highness, many congratulations, your sixth Irish Derby win.

Aga Khan: it is a wonderful occasion and I want to thank all the team that is behind this effort to produce excellent horses year after year.

Reporter: Does that mean that your win in the sixth Irish Derby – all began with Shergar back in the early 80’s

Aga Khan: Well it’s a confirmation of the continuity of the breeding, and the training and the people behind as a team, there is a team behind every win. It is not myself alone. So that team has been performing for a long time and I owe a lot to them and they took over when my father was killed. They weren’t engaged at the time. It was a new team. So they have done wonders.

Reporter: Your Highness, the win to equal your grandfather’s total in the Epsom Derby and Harzand must have been so, so special.

Aga Khan: Indeed very, very special and in fact the five wins that I have had have been homebreds . That was not the case with my grandfather. He must be looking down and watching and laughing at the little upmanship from generation to generation in the family is fine.

Reporter: It must give you some satisfaction, some greater satisfaction to see that they are all homebreds.

Aga Khan: Yes that is exactly it. You know it is the strength of the activity and the teams that are behind it, my daughter, we are all following on a continuing basis

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