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Aankh laddi joi joi thaaki

Pir Fazalshaah
bhg5-052 - 600 Ginans published by: Recreation Club Institute, Bombay, Khoja Sindhi Printing Press, 1934

Eji Aankhaladdi joi joi thaaki
kyaare aave moro shaam
partak jaanni paae paddun
vaalaa nami nami karun parnnaam ... ...
mitthaa Shaah men samarun tero naam
aa Shaah samarun men tero naam
khudaavand men samarun tero naam 1

Eji Baal pannaani pritddi
saami tamsun laagiji;
nehddo laago Shaah noor dharse
so kiyaa jaanne gemaar - mitthaa Shaah men .2

Eji Pir Faajal shaah aakhe venti
muse maher karo maherbaan;
karam karoge to sharam rahegi,
ham bando dosaari tu taar - mitthaa Shaah men 3

Translation & Transcription

Aankhaladi Joi Joi Thaki - Translation A

Aankh laddi joi joi thaaki

Pir Fazal Shah

My eyes got tired in searching (the Lord, because of knowing) when my Lord will come (so that I could) bow down to his feet seeing Him present and drop down in salutation to the Dearest Lord. ...1

O sweet Lord! I remember Thy name. O Lord! I remember Thy name. O God! I remember Thy name.

O Lord! I am gripped in love with You since childhood. The Lord shall bestow 'Noor' if love is clutched. What do the foolish know? ...2

Aankhaladi Joi Joi Thaki - Translation B

Aankh laddi joi joi thaaki


ejee aa(n)khaladdi joi joi thaakee
kyaare aave moro shaah
partak jaannee paae paddun
vaalaa namee namee karu(n) parnnaam

mitthaa shaah me(n) samaru(n) tero naam
yaa shaah samaru(n) me(n) tero naam
khudaava(n)d me(n) samaru(n) tero naam.......................1

My eyes have become tired continuously watching and waiting, as to when my Mawlaa will arrive. Having known him to be the Manifest, I may bow at His feet, O Beloved, I would pay my respects to You in a bowing manner.

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