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Aankhaladi Joi Joi Thaki - Translation B


ejee aa(n)khaladdi joi joi thaakee
kyaare aave moro shaah
partak jaannee paae paddun
vaalaa namee namee karu(n) parnnaam

mitthaa shaah me(n) samaru(n) tero naam
yaa shaah samaru(n) me(n) tero naam
khudaava(n)d me(n) samaru(n) tero naam.......................1

My eyes have become tired continuously watching and waiting, as to when my Mawlaa will arrive. Having known him to be the Manifest, I may bow at His feet, O Beloved, I would pay my respects to You in a bowing manner.

O my sweet Mawlaa! I remember your name. Oh Mawlaa! I remember your name. O God! I remember your name.

ejee baal pannaanee pritddee
saamee tamsu(n) laageejee
nehddo laago shaah nur dharse
so kiyaa jaanne gemaar...mitthaa shaah me(n).................2

My love since my chilhood, O Lord, is for You. I am in love with the 'Nur' of the time(Haazar Imaam). How can the ignorant know about it. O my sweet Mawlaa!....

ejee sayyad faazal shaah aakhe ventee
muse maher karo maherbaan
karam karoge to sharam rahegee
ham ba(n)do dosaaree tu taar...mitthaa shaah me(n)...........3

Sayyad Faazal Shah makes the supplication: O Merciful! have mercy upon me. If You shower Your mercy, my honour will be preserved, for I am a sinful creature and You are the Saviour. O my sweet Mawlaa!..

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