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Aankhaladi Joi Joi Thaki - Translation A

Pir Fazal Shah

My eyes got tired in searching (the Lord, because of knowing) when my Lord will come (so that I could) bow down to his feet seeing Him present and drop down in salutation to the Dearest Lord. ...1

O sweet Lord! I remember Thy name. O Lord! I remember Thy name. O God! I remember Thy name.

O Lord! I am gripped in love with You since childhood. The Lord shall bestow 'Noor' if love is clutched. What do the foolish know? ...2

Pir Fazal Shah utters supplication: O Merciful Lord! Have mercy upon me. If You will have mercy, my respect will remain intact, because Thy slave is a sinner so You redeem. ...3

Heritage Society Collection

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