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Durzé darya hai hakhikhat-translation


The pearl of the river of the truth and the gem is in the mind of your being. You are the diver of the truth, while your beloved is the pearl of your spirit. You are not aware of the truth, thus you have lost the right path-if you become aware of the reality-your body and soul will be alike. Because you do not follow the farmans hence, your instructions are not acceptable to others. However, if you obey the farmans, then your orders will be truthful orders. Oh you who is thirsty for the water of life, how long will you remain thirsty? Know yourself-the source of the water of life is in your own being! In the garden of your being, where the flowers and bushes have grown together-treat them alike as both belong to your garden. Oh Nasir-e-Khusraw how wonderfully and meaningfully you’ve stated the right words. Sacrifice yourself so that the spirit of the beloved becomes yours!

Heritage Society Collection

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